I will not feed the trolls, I will not feed the trolls, I will not feed the trolls

Taken from this fine webpost. I thought about correctly some of the posters spelling and grammar, but why bother? 

What shocks me is how women can defend this nonsense. Is this just an Internet thing or have some women become completely clueless about what the real nature of pornography and prostitution is all about. Even some lesbians I know have told me that being in relationships with women who were once with men was a contaminated sexual experience as well, because they had learned the bad habits of men unnknowingly. If this subtle difference can be discerned, then just think of the horrors out there in the pornification and prostitution of the world.

This has got to be a troll. Did she just say that any woman who has been with a man is ‘contaminated’ by their bad habits? The last sentence of this paragraph is a classic indicator of someone who has read college level theory and didn’t understand it, but can write a smart sounding unintelligible sentence.

As I said before, women who so passionately defend this trash are highly likely to have been the victims as children of childhood sexual abuse themselves. Millions of women have suffered this evil as children at the hands of male relatives and close family members, and they are actually never treated or given the help they need to recover from this. The weirdness of women getting into all of this evil I believe is directly connected to women as girls being seasoned and abused. Oftentimes this is so traumatic, that the girls don’t “remember” consciously the abuse at all. But it is “remembered” in their bodies and in cellular memory, and I believe when women feel drawn to be in porn, or to do burlesque or to promote this degrading S & M underworld, well, they have already been programmed.

First off, I really want to help her out a little because she writes the way I walk after dollar beer night. I do keep a Rosetta Stone around for such moments and from what I can gather she knows that I was molested as a child because she believes I was molested as a child. It’s a completely solid argument, clearly backed up with examples and sound statistics. I believe it was Nietzsche who said that a casual stroll though through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything. 

I don’t understand the gap of logic between the notion that women can be strong and powerful and do whatever they want without being accountable for their actions. If you’re going to say that I’m making some horrible decisions that impact other women, at least give me the credit of having made those choices on my own. If you are fighting for me to be a corporate CEO let me start with being responsible for myself. Why the fuck does feminism equate perpetual victimhood?

Society programs all kinds of behavior, but the imprint of sexual objectification is very strong and very awful for women. In fact, the sexism and sexualization of women is so all pervasive, that I find a lot of straight women don’t even know it’s happening around them. It’s why I’m a radical feminist, because I do see the damage and the attrocity, and as a privileged and lucky lesbian who never had to be forced into sex with men ever, and to be lucky enough never to have to live with men, I feel this clarity gives voice to my passionate anger at pro-porn pro-prostition women — calling this sex positive feminism is very much like calling NAZI pro-white race supporters! Meaning they give valuable self-esteme to poor oppressed white people. How women don’t get this again goes back to the childhood conditioning. The pro-porn “feminists” will never admit this, but I believe that’s what happened to most of them, and surviving the horrors they self-medicate with S & M or support all of it. It’s complex, but I see this so often I can’t deny the reasoning behind it.

Because I’m a woman, sexual abuse is so much harder for me. Obviously I could never recover from it, I’m damaged for life. And how fucked am I? Even if I figure out that I’m constantly being oppressed by men, I’ve already been tainted by them so I can’t run into the arms of a loving dick-free partner. 

I call this person a troll because I hate the fact that this all exists in real life. I remember a college seminar where a conversation about the novel Neuromancer turned into a group diatribe against female sex workers. Women who strip, fuck, or defend porn for a living were accused of being the sole source of rape. The thing is, rape has always been with us. Eliminating pornography won’t stop that. 
On top of that, I can’t stand being told what I’m feeling. Doing a photoshoot really does feel empowering for me. Having sex on my terms is lots of fun. Most of the pornographers I know here in the city are fascinating business people who work hard to keep their sets safe for models. If I want to turn my cunt into a check, I will because it’s mine. I love exploring my body and finding its limits. Furthermore, SM is not self-medicating the pain of the patriarchy for me. When I have the opportunity to play with a long brutal scene where my mind and body are tested I feel strong and powerful. When I walk into the room I’m small, but when I leave I know that can endure things that make other people terrified. A singletail whip is my Mt. Everest. Clips and clamps are my climb to the top of the corporate ladder. 
I don’t feel in touch with the goddess when I’m menstruating, but when I get fisted I am astounded by how amazing my pussy really is. It can be so soft and sensitive to the most gentle caress and at the same time it’s indestructible. I hate that I’m getting so hippie-dippie on you, but it’s pretty amazing that the same muscle that can hold an OB tampon can also accept the entire hand of a grown man. I am stronger than I appear and I have the marks to prove it. 
It’s also funny that the implied argument behind this is that it’s somehow natural for a man to be into SM as a dominant male but it’s completely unnatural for a woman to enjoy it. But I suppose I would say that because I’m a “Stepford Slut” complicit in the patriarchy. 

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