Daily Archives: March 24, 2009

Mayhem and Trouble

Zille Defeu and I both have a habit of creating a bit of mischief when left in a room together for more than about 5 seconds. We decided to get together and do some videos for you about sex, BDSM, and special events. Sometimes we just have a little fun.

In this first video, we were hard at work making an intro. We were under the assumption that the camera had stopped rolling, but I was having too much fun being spanked to want to get up off of such a sexy lap. We had no idea that the camera had been turned back on and our gigglefest was recorded for your viewing pleasure.

For the record, I do giggle through a spanking. I will also laugh while being zapped and especially through a singletail whipping. It’s a handy little trick that everyone seems to love showing off at parties. Enjoy!


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