Happy Hump Day!

Me getting intimate with a mean machine at Rope::Burn, Photo by Patti B

I’m still recovering from IMsL with a bit of a cold (but better a cold than chlamydia I always say). I want to add that I am going to be performing at Rope::Burn on April 11 and it’s going to be super hot. I’m not supposed to say anything, but let me put it this way: this is the show is the product of my all girls Catholic school education. Lochai and Sasha Lexing will also be putting on a smashing show for sure.¬†

For all of you guys, there is a special discount. If you type in ‘mayhem’ when you ¬†buy your ticket here you get a little recession break. I really do want to see you out for the show. There is also a photo preview for those of you who have cameras and want to take home the memories. It’s on April 2nd and you can grab your tickets¬†here.

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