When zombies attack

Photo by Nefarious Photography. The sash reads, “Citadel High Prom,” a shout-out to my favorite Bay Area dungeon.

On a bright and beautiful San Francisco afternoon, an outbreak started and began to spread causing the dead to walk among the living and consume brains. What the zombies didn’t know was that among their numbers were a bunch of bonafide perverts. Not only was the populace unaware that there were kinky folks walking next to them, but the zombie mob had no idea that leading up the line were three fetish film stars and a photographer. This is known as hiding in plain sight.

A zombie swarm is a fun innocent activity, but leave it to kinky people to have way too much fun getting blood in all the right places, ripping clothing apart, and debating whether or not zombies wear panties. It’s also fun to take on another persona that can cut loose without responsibility. Aren’t all of our monster mythos based around sex in some way or another? The notion of a vampire sensually biting at the neck is sexy. I also remember how awestruck I was watching the original Nosferatu film and enjoying how well lighting was used when the hand of the vampire cast a shadow onto the body of a sleeping girl that started at her feet and lingered at her breasts. Even our furry friends the Werewolves seem to embody the carnal nature that exists within the heart of every man.

It also reminds me of the time I got to watch a zombie gangbang at a dungeon. Some of us take roleplay very seriously, even it involves chewing on someone’s arm for awhile.

Roleplaying can be hard to get into at first because it feels a little silly. It is! But it’s also fun because you get to throw away your concerns and just focus on the moment. An ordinary couple might worry about the mortgage or the lawn during sex, but not if they are suddenly a business person and a secretary. You have to stop feeling self-conscious and relax a little which just happens to be the same thing you should do before any sexual encounter.

It’s also fun to get out and have fun with your friends. Not that I have a necrophillia fetish, but I happen to think they make some very sexy zombies. I would let them pull me limb from limb any old day.

Photo by Rendy Lai. Hey baby, I love you for your mind…

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  1. Theatregnome

    hottest zombie I’ve ever seen!

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