Wired Pussy with Sabrina Fox, after many orgasms and a fisting

The orgasm, sexual climax, la petite mort, the “wham bam” before the “thank you, ma’am” is really a basic biological process. It is a peak in the sexual arousal cycle when the limbic nervous system causes involuntary muscle contractions in the genital region (and at least in my case, all the way down to my toes). It’s something so simple but entirely complex in both the macro and micro arenas of society and individualism.

Sometimes I have orgasms in my sleep. I haven’t been able to remember my dreams upon waking since I was a child, but I miss them so much more when I’m jolted out of a sound slumber by the rolling pressure in my body of an impending orgasm. My hands will be resting on my pillow and there is never any sign of a raped pillow. They appear to be entirely spontaneous gifts from Mr. Sandman and an imagination too wicked for me to remember.

I have frequent orgasms with the help of my Hitachi. Technically it is the Accuvibe Human Touch II because I like the ability to go cordless. I’ve been known to pull Hitachis out of their wall sockets. They are so precise and quick. I know exactly where to hold it on my body, how much pressure to apply, and I could use a chess timer for the duration of climax I am often able to achieve. It’s nice to have a reliable source of pleasure that doesn’t feel neglected if you’re busy, is always available at 3AM, and never has any crazy ideas about what a grocery list should look like.

Oral sex hasn’t gotten me off since the first time someone went down on me on the roof of a parking garage under an L.A. sky. I do enjoy the process, but it just doesn’t get me there. I need a little more than a gentle licking it seems.

G-spot stimulation, on the other hand, is incredible. When I find someone familiar with vaginal geography I’m thrilled. I love how deep and robust this kind of orgasm feels. Whether it is with a few fingers, a curved toy, or someone’s entire hand it is rich and savory for me. I have been able to come from penetration alone which is rather convenient for someone who is often too busy or rushed for anything but a quickie.

I’ve even been able to reach orgasm from anal sex. It was a surprise to me as well, but a competent partner knows how to wake up the side of my G-spot that is often forgotten. The G-spot is actually a nexus of tissues making up the roots of the clitoris that is massive organ. The clitoris has three long points in addition to the little nub visible from the exterior. When I have a lover who is interested in feeling for just the right spots I get to experience a type of rolling orgasm. It might be more difficult to get there but it’s always a pleasant treat.

One time I was being single-tailed with impeccable rhythm. The blows came in such perfect time and soon my legs were trembling not from the pain but from the waves of an orgasm. Everyone has some form of SM they are particularly fixated upon. For many it is spanking, the cane has a very large cult following, but my love is for the singletail whip. I love the way it can caress, kiss, or cut the flesh it falls upon. I hope to master it myself but I don’t think I will ever pass up the opportunity to relish in the peak of masochism.


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2 responses to “Orgasms

  1. Zille Defeu

    This is one of your finest posts, Maggie my Spice!I'm totally signing up for giving you as many rolling orgasms as you like — just ask!And obviously I need to start to get back in practice with my hot pink single-tail![kisses]

  2. annakelly

    I've been combing through your archives out of curiosity, having clicked on a link on Even though I don't watch porn and generally have a sexually prudish lifestyle, I find your posts well-written and enlightening and fun. Most of all, I'm so glad to see that you've had orgasms while asleep! That happened to me once and I have no idea what triggered it.Thanks for blogging :)

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