The Upper Floor

Kink.Com has been working on its new project called The Upper Floor and I’ve been happy to not only watch its evolution but also to take part in it. It’s a fascinating nexus of porn and lifestyle players, fantasy and reality, but mostly a whole lot of fun.What makes it unique is the fact that you get the best of the action when you watch it live. Whether you want to tune in to a slave workout or a full on party, you’re going to get an interesting mix of people, places, and things. I’m interested to see what happens as it develops.

New Year's Eve at the Upper Floor

Nerine Mechanique, Maestro Stefanos, Devi Lynne, and myself

When I make an appearance at the Upper Floor, I’m usually bartending far away in the back where only the guests can see me. I’ve also been in attendance as a guest myself getting into mischief and mayhem. One time I was even responsible for using a whiffle bat to test out the sexual abilities of a slave petitioning the House. For the New Year’s Eve party, I thought I might bring along a personal partner of mine to join in on the fun.

So this particular partner already gets the ego trip of absolutely desimating my sense of time, space, and identity after sex. I thought I would invite him along with my to take part in the fascinating evening that is an Upper Floor party. It was, in a sense, like taking the person you’re seeing to a work party. It just so happens that this kind of work party is WAY BETTER than any other work party. The conversation will not go like this:

“Hey sweetie, we’ve been seeing each other awhile and I would really like you to meet some of my colleagues at work.”

“Oh God, this isn’t some kind of company holiday party you’re trying to drag me to, is it?”

“Well, yes, it is a holiday party. Don’t worry, there won’t be a raffle or anything like that. We have other ways to have fun!”

“Oh? Like what? Don’t even say karaoke.”

“Well, you see it’s this 24/7  Edwardian themed sex society governed by the laws of sexual hierarchy. There will probably be riggers putting naked people into rope suspension, slaves attending to their dominants in a way that is deemed most pleasurable, lots of sex on the furniture, probably some beatings and whippings, lots of hot porn stars, local lifestyle folks, a chance to talk with all of the people on the internet watching. There is usually some good food around too.”

“Well, I guess if they’re serving food…”

My partner agreed pretty quickly that it would be a fun night for the two of us and we immediately began talking about the sexin’ that was to commence. Although I was excited and interested by the idea, I wasn’t too sure it would happen. Sex on camera for men is difficult. There is a reason why you see tons and tons of female talent while we stick to a pretty consistent yet small pool of male talent. Viagra has changed this a bit, but it’s hard to get an erection on camera and harder (ha ha) still to actually have a climax when it counts. I don’t want to sound like I’m discrediting the abilities of my partner, I just wanted to be realistic about the fact that we might just be watching other people for the evening.

It turns out, he did just fine. Not only was he able to manage the rigors of on-camera sex, we were able to offer something else that many people miss in porn which is really strong chemistry. Not every porn viewer cares about this but the Kink.Com audience is pretty spectacular. Although you may not always be able to put your finger on it, you can tell when two people really enjoy working with one another. Chemistry can completely transcend looks and experience in a scene. It’s always sexy to watch two attractive people boning, but if they look a little bored staring out into that middle distance it lacks something. Watching two people who literally cannot keep their hands off one another is hot. I love watching it and I seek out scenes where I can see it happen. I’m very lucky in that I’ve always gotten to work with people I like, but I hadn’t ever brought in that special someone in my life.

I guess I’m not the only one who likes to watch this kind of scene. Our New Year’s Eve performance was noticed by the members who offered such compliments as:

  • A surprise sensation was Maggie Mayhem’s love, Ned, who made his public fucking debut tonight. He is not a pornstar. He fucked on camera not only for the first time, but the second also. Girls flooded their panties for him as well and filled the chat with babbled praise and requests to see his cock ‘one last time’. It is important to note that the male members took a shine to him also. He’s a good sport, old Ned. He was very pleased with the good reviews he got of his fucking. We pressed him. Neddy vowed several times that he would be doing a shoot if he is hired. Tomorrow morning the members wish he should be reminded of this promise. You can’t turn back now. You silly twisted boy.
  • Maggie and Ned caught our attention in the back of the camera shot and Devi helped us get a better view. Nothing is better than watching two people who are simply ‘performing’ because they can’t get enough of each other. It was like being a fly on the wall in their real lives and a privilege to get to see. To watch Ned, a ‘non-porn’ player get involved for the first time was amazing and boy did he give it his all. AND we got to see it not once but as if through special request for an encore as they became our grand finale.
  • Maggie continued to be great on her own merits and also brought the date of the evening.  For me, the most entertaining and original aspects continue to come from real life couples like Maggie and Ned…

(Taken from here at the FREE Kink.Com forums)

Then after our second appearance another thread appeared:

This is a formal petition of the members of the Upper Floor, and anyone else for that matter, to draw Ned to the attention of the management of We members adore Ned. The women like his body. The men like his roguish charm. Everyone likes seeing him and Maggie Mayhem making the beast with two backs. His spunk makes an excellent adornment on a woman’s face. He is urbane, yet forceful. Thoroughly perverse, yet charming. Boyish, yet masterful. He is a divine demon. He went to Harvard, but we won’t hold that against him. It just means he knows the grammatically correct fashion in which to call a woman a dirty whore. We members have on two occasions stated how ardently we would enjoy seeing him in an official shoot, in whatever capacity, on any of the sites at, as well as his delightful appearances at parties on the Upper Floor. He has expressed interest, but states he needs a firm display of support. This I am glad to do on behalf of the Neddie-factor. I am sure many others will follow.

We respectfully request the wise and omnipotent management at take Ned into their consideration. He could not possibly disappoint.

We both appreciated these kinds words. My partner certainly had a new skip in his step after having read all of this and I was delighted as well. While he may have difficulty entering rooms due to the size of his ego I’m really happy to be able to share all of this with you. I’m not in porn as a real career move. I do it because I’m an exhibitionist who wants to change the face of porn as much as I can. I want to represent different body types and different sexualities. Not all of porn is something I agree with or stand by, but you can only truly change a system from within.

You can watch our show and catch us in the amazing trailer HERE.

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  1. Just downloaded this…. Sounds like you guys had fun, looking forward to watching! I have a porn crush Charlotte Vale so with both of you in this one it wasn’t a hard thing to spend my “kinks” on. Hope all is well with you!

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