Shame on Me!


Shame on me for quietly digging Violet Blue’s new initiative Our Porn, Ourselves Project without saying anything about it! There is an awesome contest going on with awesome prizes. It’s a good thing to check out and if you have some spare time before the June 12th deadline (here’s hoping it goes until midnight, right?) there are some amazing prizes to be won for coming out in support of porn.

Unfortunately I have more upcoming trips to Haiti than I do video cameras so I don’t have a video to share but if you’re good with last minute projects, you should get on this one. At least send out a flare to let the world know that loving women and loving porn are not mutually exclusive.

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One response to “Shame on Me!

  1. wait….you support porn??? Shame shame little lady!
    As of late, the topic of being a feminist and liking and supporting porn keeps popping up.

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