Erotic Art

Nancy peach standing in front of me.

Remember when I wrote about Nancy Peach? Well now I can finally say that she’s turned me into a piece of erotic art. What I find amazing is that this photo was taken from the Folsom Street Fair 2008. I was a fledgling model still uncertain about it all and there I was in the Mr. S booth at the biggest kink events in the world.

Here I am today, a little older and a little wiser with much longer hair. My naturally blonde locks are dyed into a deep brunette shade but I still get excited by it all. When I look at the finished piece, I think the whirls in the background are completely accurate. That’s how I see the world when I’m in a suspension and my eyes have me at peace even in a chaotic environment. The sex positive world is a safe haven to me.

The finished piece! Thanks Nancy Peach!

So there I am. I’m currently on display at Wicked Grounds in San Francisco in case you want to take a gander and as always I recommend that you check out Nancy’s site for details about her other works and pricing.

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  1. Rod


    I didn’t know a thing about porn until I started dating, after my divorce.

    Chicks would come over and say “Where’s the porn” and I didn’t have any. When I did get some it was “boring and pretty lame” if you talked to them.

    So, I just let “them” buy it. It’s much better than my choices and, well, it gets them horny! (Me too, actually. They were right about my choices, pretty lame), No complaints here.

    I always read on “dating” websites that when I meet a girl, I’m not supposed to mention porn. That’s the “death knell”.

    Well, good advice.

    Let THEM mention it. From my experience, about 95 percent of the time they will. Then, just let them go with their choices.

    But, I’m like 600 years old, so I’m definitely dating the “mature” ones. It might be different for you under 90 year olds out there. (But if you’re over 20, I doubt it, just sayin’)

    Enjoy every minute, have dessert first, you just never know…


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