Fetish in the Fashion: Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2011 seems to be quite inspired by the fetish community. Let’s take a look at some highlights from the catwalk:

I spot a bondage collar

A fishnet top is standard goth club wear, but the heels design includes what looks like ankle cuffs.

I know crotch rope when I see it.

Scarf bondage.

Rope corset. Excellent use of material, btw.

A closeup of the heels with the built in ankle cuffs. Note the double heel which is also sexy on its own.

Where is the line between wide belt and small underbust corset? Looking at the clasps in front, I'm going to call it a waist cincher.

Burlesque "ruffle butt" panties and another waist cincher.

Bondage collar and implied leash.

Wrist gauntlets because SM wardrobe sometimes has that ren faire overlap.

It’s being described as having an edgy rock n’ roll glamor look and one cannot miss the spirit of Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars hanging about the show. Rock music does have its own relationship to SM because love songs are so often about the pain and anguish of emotion and long extended metaphors about how far you’ll go in the name of lust. Listen to the song, “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones and tell me I’m wrong about this. Thing is, if I can mentally match some of those images to fetish photography then it isn’t just about the music baby, it’s about what happens behind it.


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4 responses to “Fetish in the Fashion: Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2011

  1. James

    It’s hardly the first time Jean Paul has gone kinky…recall his outfits for Madonna in the 90s (if you’re old enough to recall that far back :-P ).

  2. It’s all so David Bowie like. Hair and make up especially.

  3. Treacle Tart

    Reminds me of Blade Runner more than anything else. Which, to be fair, was a pretty kinky movie.

  4. Andrew Conway

    Dammit Maggie, you’re not old enough to remember Ziggy Stardust. You just brought back memories of listing to early Bowie on my transistor radio (under the bedclothes, because the John Peel show was after my bedtime).

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