Is “My Girl Fund” a Scam?

I briefly joined MyGirlFund out of curiosity. There are a lot of web cam sites out there right now but this model was different. The women on the site make money from conversation sharing, photograph exchange, and naturally video chats as well. My Girl Fund even required that the models on the site hold up a sign with their screen name to help verify their identity. As someone who does deal with a decent amount of photo theft, I valued this.

I’m not going to say whether or not My Girl Fund is a scam, but I can speak to the fact that the people behind the show act in a very paranoid manner.


For good consideration and as an inducement for to its website members, the members hereby agree not to directly or indirectly compete with the business of MGF and its successors and assigns during the period of membership and for a period of two years following termination of membership and notwithstanding the cause or reason for termination. Member acknowledges and agrees that these terms and conditions are reasonable as to scope and duration.

The term “not compete” as used herein shall mean that the member shall not own, manage, operate, consult or be employed in a business substantially similar to or competitive with, the present business of or such other business activity in which the Company may substantially engage during the term of membership. Specifically, competing means owning or working for a business of the following type: Cash payments to Models, delivered via funds raised over the Internet or another medium.

The member acknowledges that shall or may in reliance of this agreement provide the member’s access to trade secrets, inner-website workings, customers, and other confidential data and good will not available to the general public. The members agree to retain said information as confidential and not to use said information on his or her own behalf or disclose same to any third-party.

This non-compete agreement shall be in full force and effect for two years, commencing with the member termination date. Terms of Service


This came into play for me because I registered, not surprisingly, as Maggie Mayhem. Why? It seemed like another opportunity to connect with fans. The rules clearly states that I could not post any links, so I didn’t. No links. This wasn’t enough for the website as I was told that I had to choose another name. Mine was “too easily searchable” and it would be “too easy for users to locate and communicate with me outside of the site.” They were worried that I would utilize this fancy network of potential customers and run off into the hills with them leaving MGF and their profit margin behind.

I didn’t post any links. The webmaster kindly offered to pick a new name for me. I told him to delete my account. Then I decided to do a little more research about MGF. Oddly enough, there was very little out there about the website. Given that MGF insists on being so insular, models aren’t posting too many links or stories back to the website. I did stumble upon this comment on a message board for “ballers” which revealed some startling information:

As a part of my investigation, I read the faq section and the terms of service. Hidden in the terms of service I discovered that the men could have MGF record their web cam sessions for one credit. Credits can be purchased at a rate of 50 credits for $62 or $1.22 per credit. If fewer credit are purchased, the rate can go up to as much as $1.80 a credit. If a man does wish to record the web cam session, the credit he purchases it for goes NOT to the woman but to the website. That raised a few more doubts about MGF in my mind. Credit are used for a few things on MGF but primarily for messages. If you send a message to a woman, it deducts one credit from your bank.

Since men paid a premium for the credits and the website implies that a credit is analogous to $1, I thought that the women would get $1 for each message (credit) sent their way. Since I’ve learned never to assume anything, I asked how much a woman received for a message. The answer was 65 cents, not the $1 I expected. MGF gets a cut of the money on BOTH ENDS of the transaction. If I were to buy credits on average for $1.22 each and the woman receives 65 cents, that mean the women get only 53% of the money while MGF gets 47%. The women do the hard work of coaxing men and MGF gets FORTY-SEVEN PERCENT of the money. It gets worse if fewer than 50 credits are purchased. At the highest credit rate of $1.80, the women only gets 36% and MGF gets 64%. SIXTY-FOUR PERCENT to MGF. I pointed out the $1.22 fact out on my profile and a few women messaged me thinking that men purchased the credits for $1 each since they received only 65 cents for them. Apparently some of them weren’t happy to discover this.

Read more:

The author of the comment claims to have been kicked off of the website. Looking at the TOS regarding privacy, we can see that all communications (including video) are recorded in order to make sure that all laws and TOS are being followed. Now every website records everything you do. That’s part of how it works. There is a line between a high functioning website with a lot of media on it and a paranoid fear of dissent. It’s a page out of the Suicide Girls play book to boot people for their concerns and observations rather than actually addressing them. While I’m pretty damn out of the closet as a performer, there are a lot of girls who do cam because it’s such an over-saturated market that it would be unlikely to be outed at a later date in life. Mind you, I said unlikely, not impossible. To record every single one of your online cam sessions with hopes of finding a future senator or beauty queen is an arduous task. Furthermore, how could you really identify someone that well from a cheap low resolution web cam anyway?

At any rate, there are definitely a number of girls who have been banned from the site for minor offenses relating to having an internet life off of MFC. Whether or not these guys are scammers, they are doing a decent impression of douche bags. Although they do try to stir up some good publicity, anyone who says that a cam site selling chat, pics, and video is about ‘friendship’ then I believe we have two different editions of the dictionary. It is a relationship, it may be very friendly, but it is a business relationship and not a personal one.

At any rate, that was my brief touch with MGF. There are certain things I am willing to give up but my name is not one of them. Let’s all countdown until they try to make me take this blog entry down.



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38 responses to “Is “My Girl Fund” a Scam?

  1. Ruth

    Hi Maggie! All I know is…I am sitting on MGF chat right now with a man who has the most amazingly tasty-looking lips, and he is so sweet…and we just both seem to really be enjoying the company. :)

  2. Hi Maggie!!
    Sorry you were unable to follow the rules of the site and that you just can’t seem to understand that the people who run the site need to make a living too.
    Many of us have been here for a very long time, we like our client base and would hate to lose them because we just couldn’t follow the one simple rule of not playing with the competition. Oh.. and a lot of us have very awesome HD web cams, so our quality is fantastic :)

    • Actually, if you read the post you will notice that I was not kicked off the site. I did not agree to a policy that they hadn’t listed on their TOS (namely that you can’t use your sex-work name if you’ve ever done anything else ever off of the site). When MGF ultimately fails there will be many more places for both providers and clients to connect.

      • Truth

        Actually MGF is a joke. They take 35% of a girls income which is absolutely ridiculous and they will ban you for any little thing. If you do get banned they KEEP the money you made which is also complete BS because YOU made that money aka you brought that money to them. That constitutes working and not getting paid.

        Also they ban for reasons not stated in their rules. I know a whole bunch of main girls that are developing a counter site which will be much better. The girls are not supposed to talk amongst each other but have found creative loop holes in the system. In addition, the men are not supposed to provide information, however when you are on Cam it is possible because there are many ways we all have gotten away with it.

        AVOID MGF at all costs. 35% is ridiculous, and the guys have to pay a large fee to have a memebership as well. The website is a scam!

      • barbra

        actually its ridiculous how much those sites make off the other people, try being a girl having to show nasty ugly men ur body and have to pretend to like them. and then have the site take almost half of the money when they did nothing.

  3. Zoey

    Hey Maggie- did you mean MGF when you said “MFC?” Since MyFreeCams doesn’t mind mentioning other sites and stuff.

  4. recently the site has lost it’s beta status and there have been quite a few upgrades and rule changes. including the being able to get the % of $ you take to 90%. they are also letting all the girls who have been kicked out in the past have a second chance. it’s my first venture into online sex work and im loving it. i can see how not being able to use your sex work name would be a big draw back to many. congrats on having a site of your own! xoxoxo

  5. anon2216

    I would have to agree with Miss Maggie and I have heard numerous complaints in regards to MyGirlFund. They should not be recording the females, and selling for their own profit. That is just wrong. And as for not being able to use your stage name, that just doesn’t even make sense and is in an act of paranoia considering the females joining with their well put out there name could more so HELP the community in bringing more traffic.

  6. Zach

    All cam sites with adult content record the content for legal reasons. None of them sell it third party as they would garner a terrible reputation and be out of business in 10 seconds. Any girl who is a cam girls knows they are always recorded on these sites.

    MFC always has girls on cam but 1 on 1 time is really expensive and the token exchange seems really shady. But you can get a girl to put on a good show for a few bucks as long as other guys chip in. Kind of a strip club mentality with guys throwing singles.

    Mygirlfund is ok as far as cam/video sites go, can be hard to get a girl on cam sometimes. A lot of the girls don’t cam at all and want $ just to chat. Some girls will chat for hours and not ask for a dime. I guess it takes all kinds.

    I heard the same thing babette did about 90% and when i bought credits it was 1 to 1 pricing. I have no idea how they can do that and stay in business when other sites take 50%.

  7. Hi Maggie. I myself have been on Loved the money I made. tech support can kiss my ass. He bitches at your for everythign and naything. He is a scam artist. I am now on a new site and any girls looking to get into this I would recommend it to. The tech support is amazing gets back to you within an hour at most times. so great, and he isn’t rude. check it out. We are still small but I’ve made money so far, and I’m enjoying it


    we need guys and girls alike to join.

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  9. I can’t speak to whether MGF is a scam, but I can say that they don’t seem to like blog posts that make them look bad. You joked about them coming after you and making you take down your post…well that’s what they are trying to do to us!

    Here’s what happened to us:

  10. K

    Mygirlfund randomly deleted my account with $430 in it. I followed the terms of service. Now they will not give me my money or reply to my emails.

  11. Anastasia

    Hello. I’ll be glad if you will advice me about something. Contact me if you don’t mind :)
    Thanks in advance.

  12. They are suing for the same bs. They are fucking mobsters online. They can all fuck off at MGF. Bunch of foreign fuckers.

  13. Donna Kelly

    hello maggie i recently joined MGF and found it was a horrible site. They rip you off let the guys make the ladies feel like crap and its down right just a bad site its a huge ripoff and should be shut down or at least hire a new tech support and get that pervert out. hes a minipulative heartless bastard who only gives “special attention” to certain ladies. its a site for guys to get free live amatuer porn

  14. I find the finger pointing most intriguing.

    They spent fortunes building a website, marketing it, getting traffic, whats wrong with a cut? if people dont like what they do, the answer is very simple, dont use it.

    If however people want to jump in there because, lets face it, you want some money from the traffic they have helped to generate at the site, then thats called greed as well isnt it?

    The way it pans out is this, you’d heard about a website where you thought you could fill your boots, moneywise, which we’ll call “greed” but you call “doing business” but when they take a cut its called “greed” and not “doing business. you cant have one rule for them and one for you. thats called being a hypocrite.

    if you want 100% of earnings have your own website with a similar model to theirs and others you use. see how much that costs you to develop and ongoing marketing spend lol

  15. rick

    Actually Mike it’s not so simple.
    I have a story…
    A girl I chat with on Livejasmin emailed me and said she was leaving LJ, and that I could find her on MGF. At first I assumed it was a lateral move for her, but after reading up on MGF I realize she quit because she had to. I had NEVER heard of MGF until that email, and I NEVER see any ads, so I seriously doubt they are spending “a fortune” on advertising. And as a website owner myself I can tell you it’s cheaper than a strip club, and those girls make more than 40%, lol.
    So STFU unless you have something concrete to say. We all have opinions, and yours sucks balls.
    And the “Don’t like it, don’t use it” theory is for kids who can’t see past tomorrow. Grow the fuck up and be a part of the solution, not the problem.

  16. anthony

    MAGGIE, Read all your stuff….loved it…just a little love my friend…!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB…………Anthony..

  17. They are a scam!!!!! Ladies Dont waste your time and information… They Steal Your Id Info and use it !!!!!

  18. blahblah

    The MGF TOS you posted sounds a lot like a non-compete clause you’d sign on a job application. IE: “If you work for us and get fired or quit, you agree to not work for anyone else in the same industry for X years.” Essentially, if you sign up and use MGF, and later decide you hate it or they ban you for whatever reason, they expect you to hang up your camming for a min 2 years. As subjective as the language is, they could probably argue that it includes work in any kind of porn or sex-related field. In other words, MGF is basically trying to act like a roach motel… you can come in, but you can’t go out. If you do, then you will never work in the industry again for at least 2 years. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. And that seems like a huge, ballsy thing for an online site to include in their TOS. So many web-sites are acting like a TOS is a signed-contract just by someone clicking on it. I think many sites go to further and further extremes with their TOS, b/c nobody’s taking them to court over it … yet. But, if they tried to hold a performer to their TOS and the non-compete clause, I’d be surprised if that held up in court. It’s basically them being scummy and saying “once you work for us, you only work for us otherwise you don’t work in the industry at all”…and that right there is a huge red flag. I agree that they need to make a profit in order to run the site, host the servers, etc. But, them recording every session, too, also sounds scummy, b/c sooner or later they’re going to sell your performances as volume collections that they get to keep the profits from. I would be very wary of using any cam site (as a performer) where they have a pretty ambiguous TOS that suggests a) they own me, b) they own anything I do on there, c) they get to take a huge cut of everything. It’s basically an online sweatshop for cam girls.

  19. mrpinkeyes07

    Frome the customers point of view…. Was having super trouble with MyGirlFund… customer service team… as they are non existent…. I was trying to by my 75 credits for $75 but had an “accounting problem” and advised to contact… well other than the initial… “we will answer your question during next business hours”.. nothing… I have sent 4 emails to them and customer services but NO answers. The two models I knew from “off” site that I was signing up for also sent requests. They at least got a reply saying there is a “closed” customer service request on the issue.
    Now reading your findings wondering if my contact with the models outside the MGF system may have been some of the reason why I am getting NO customer service.
    One would have thought… especially in your instance… You would bring in more customers and make them more money using your “known” name that you would take away from them…

    Very strange and unprofessional site indeed…


  20. I will say this. I am still a model on the site, waiting for “support” to respond to me yet again. Every response so far is robotic. They are not REALLY answering my questions and also putting words in my mouth. I had a issue with a client on there. I had been dirty messaging him and throwing him some freebies bc the site forces the customers to pay $1 per message. He then said he wanted me to make him a video which he wanted to pay for. I even let him pick the price. He was a 50 year old geek virgin. He said $25. He also said he wanted me to cum hard blahblah blah and then scream his name. Okay when i made the video i admit i didnt scream his name. SORRY! i did infact moan my gfs name who was watchng me make my video hhe. I made sure to tell him this before he accepted the video. He watchd the video regardless. And then had the nerve to argue wth me. I tried to offer a free live session and i almst felt like WTF dude why am i even offering him shit. I gave him so much free shit already. Then this dude blocks me. Support argues that what I have done is “fraud”. Hmmm he contributed the donations to me. Never escrowed it. They said im refusing a refund. How so? We dont have a refund policy on our page and if a customer blocks you how the hell do you arrange it? Personally I feel that if he watced it and jacked off to it, he got his money worth. But after all ive dealt wth in my first week on there. its NOT worth it. They also wont let me withdrawl my money and locked my bank accounts on their site so they have access still to all my info. FUCK MGF!

  21. Blah Blahson

    I work as an escort and cam girl myself and noticed MGF while searching for various cam sites to work on – so glad that I found this post first! Also, gotta love “” – a TOTALLY NOT fake review / suck-up / created-by-the-owner-of-MGF “review” site that mentions this page and goes on to say how AMAZING MGF is and how wrong anyone is who says that MGF is a scam and how they TOTALLY KNOW LIKE MILLIONS OF SATISFIED MGF USERS OMG. All the “reviews” on the site are by girls who are TOTALLY AMAZED at how AWESOME MGF is, and not a SINGLE post OR comment are negative.

    I posted a comment on there but it’s “awaiting moderation” – taking bets on the chances of that ever getting posted?

    God, I hate these scammers.

  22. Anonymous

    Well I’m on MGF and I had no idea they were taking a percentage at both ends! That’s so unfair! My percentage goes up once I earn 5000 credits which is pretty much unattainable.
    Also because I am outside the US the only way to get my money is to sign up for a MGF visa card which costs me $25 just to start up. Then I get a monthly fee, a fee every time I put money on it and charged when I take money out at an ATM. at the moment it’s almost not worth it. I haven’t cashed out since I signed up because I would lose more money than I would get.
    Having said that, I do enjoy the community there. I’ve met some perfectly wonderful people on there.

  23. I KNOW

    this site is a complete knock-off of another site that pays for your breast implants. they are paranoid because they know what its like to be ripped off.

    i got booted off the site when i tried them out and pointed out how similar to the other site.

  24. christine

    Hi, I’m looking for cam sites that don’t have a “free chat” section on them. “Back in the Day” I stumbled upon Keen’s camgirl section and started there. I really enjoyed the format of chilling out in my space until someone saw my pics and decided to connect with me on the basis of those and the text I had written. When I later on attempted to work on other sites with free chat sections, it was a lot more energy-taking and annoying. Guys trolled those sections looking for free shows, trying to trick girls and just generally being annoying. I’m only interested in guys who know what they are looking for right away and aren’t penny pinchers who don’t feel that they can spend a few dollars checking a girl out before they call her. The average I was getting for one of my shows was $50-$100 for a good, involved show. I’m not interested in sites where lots of guys chip in a little bit, or the average that they’ll spend is only $10-$20 for a few minutes. I’d rather develop regulars on a site with clientelle who have better things to do than sit online trying to impress each other with the tawdry things they write to the girl to make each other guffaw – I actually don’t want to be on a site where they hang out with each other AT ALL, and I want clients who have no interest in the “group” feeling of looking at a girl together, but who just want quality shows from quality girls and that’s it. I really like Niteflirt because of this. Does anyone know any other sites like this?

  25. christine

    Oh, and also I’m not fooling around with “credits”, “tokens” and other BS ways they want to try to make money off of customers and girls. Everyone knows that they take a cut of the “credits” when they sell them to the guys and then take a cut of the girls money when they pay her out, so they get paid on both ends from that. Just take a certain percentage and be done with it, don’t try to play a shell game with “funny money”, I can’t stand that BS.

  26. Sean

    Are there any sites you recommend for arranging adult cam sessions? As a lover of camming I’d much prefer the vast majority of my money goes to the girl doing the show, and it probably makes it a cheaper for me. And I like the option to use a standalone cam program like skype rather than having to use the cam system available through a website (I’ve experienced some cam systems where there’s a delay of 1 or 2 seconds when camming, which takes a lot of the enjoyment out of it). I recently started using CamModelDirectory and am finding it great, plus I read a blog on a separate website, purportedly from one of CMD’s girls, who said they charged nothing except a small credit card processing fee. Only problem is that CMD doesn’t list many girls so it would be great to know if there’s similar or better options out there.

  27. bwanger78

    My girlfriend and I were looking for a way to make some extra money. I’m tired of working two jobs and she recently lost out on an opportunity for a nice career. So here we are. She has created a profile with MGF but I am concerned with all the negative comments on here. Can anyone help in pointing us to a site where we have less issues and the money is simpler to follow? Either a solo site for her or one where ppl can watch us together. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you all.

  28. Grace

    Thank you Maggie for posting this review. I recently joined MGF as a back up site, and so far I’m not impressed. When guys buy so many credits, they get three ‘free’ (as in the models don’t get paid) messages to send.

    As far as I can tell,there is no way to know this is a free message, until after you reply to it. I’ve only been on there two days, and I’m really underwhelmed. I’d rather sit through the slow shifts on the other site I work on, than sift through dozens of guys sending me dick pics and wasting my time. The site tries to sell these free messages like it’s an interview. I’ve emailed back about a dozen of these with personalized messages, and have gotten diddly squat in return.

    I love working as a cam model, and I spend at least 50% of my day doing research on the behind the scenes stuff (tech, lighting, clothing, fetish research, dance classes, hair, waxing, promotions, pic and vid editing, etc.). In other words, I bust my ass to put on a good show, and I think it’s grossly unfair to not get paid for my time.

  29. Mygirlfund scammed girl

    They suck, they just closed my account with 200$ in it and they are not gonna pay me…just because “their policies have changed and they no longer add members from my country”. Their crappy support kept ignoring me, giving me general, not to the point answers when I kept asking them if I can continue to make money and if I do, will I be paid, I think it was just a strategy to let me make them money so they can keep them. I wouldn’t advise anyone to sign up with mygirfund, in my case it turned out to be a rip off.

  30. Fury

    I’m a man and from a client perspective I’ve looked into simular sites like these before and to my experience all of them do this kind of bs. I still have to find one that’s really honest in its policy to both performer and client.
    I’ve never been able to make myself trust a single one of them.

    Now a couple of years ago I started offering girls with services payment directly through PayPal or amazon for a show over Skype. No inbetween, no third party taking their share. So far I’ve met some great girls who I could have a great time with, not having to worry about scams, creditcard theft, etc…

  31. It’s absolutely essential whenever you get involved with anything like this (or indeed, any contractual relationship) to do you research and also, when you have a negative (or positive) experience, to share that information so others can find out.
    I’ve had a couple of similar experiences to what some people are describing here (not with cams, just with affiliate stuff) where I have done the work then the account gets cancelled before they pay you.
    And there doesn’t seem to be any course for retribution on the net. So everyone, do your research whenever you are working for delayed commissions and if you see more than a couple bad reviews, move on. If it sounds crazy good, it’s too good (and I’m sure you know what I mean). Thanks Maggie, for this post!

  32. MGF Lady

    I find it funny that this review has been up for almost 3 years. When I signed up over a year ago, half the stuff mentioned wasn’t pertinent anymore. Now, a year later, most of it isn’t.

    Don’t get me wrong, MGF is shady for other reasons. Me being poor, I don’t have a choice. You bet your bum once I get a job, any job, I’ll be leaving. But now you can use your “social media” names. You can sign up using your name on Tumblr or Twitter. You can work for multiple sites at the same time (I work on ELM and C4S, too).

    Support still sucks, they’re not listening to the models, and they let the *guys* get away with a lot of bull. They’re not perfect. I’m just pointing out that your info isn’t up to date anymore.

  33. Kendall

    I am about the quit MGF I hate it the website it completely shady awful don’t work here I have worked on Webcam sites where the clientele is a lot less gross and on top of that they have taken almost half of what I have earned and now they are withholding my pay I have contacted them several times in regards to my Cash out and they refuse to pay me. Don’t work here just go to a regular Web cam site to work less creeps to deal with and these guys are collectors major Ick factor at least clients from web cam sites will just download a video clip and erase because most don’t want the Wife/Girlfriend to see. I’m walking about with or without my pay I just want to be done with this site.

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