May is Masturbation Month

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**All photos in slideshow by Shilo McCabe of The Sex Positive Photo Project.

“Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone you love.” -Woody Allen

Masturbation has been a fantastic part of my life for years and it becomes more important to me over time. When I first started touching myself I had enthusiasm and gusto but I also lacked the knowledge and skill it would take to really get myself over the edge to come. It touch time and it took practice, but now I am such an expert of my own body that I know just what to do for myself.

The Sex Positive Photo Project is currently running an exposition of masturbation images snapped by the talented Shilo McCabe. There is a new photo and story for every day of the month and you can find me celebrating “Cinco de Mayhem” on Day 5. There are already so many great entries to read and stories to explore. Get out there and have fun getting down with your own bad self.


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2 responses to “May is Masturbation Month

  1. Dan

    As someone that went to Catholic School for 12 years (effectively retired), these pictures are the HOTTEST use of a rosary EVER. As a red blooded male, I would be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t say that I would kneel and help you use those rosary beads anytime!

  2. Lucky_Teeter

    First time here….followed a link from Dodson-Ross i do believe…the video inspired me to comment……my gosh….your vagina is beautiful and hairy….loved it very much.. using Catholic props added additional juice to the fire…..i plan on returning to this happy place!

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