Friday Quickies

Hey sex workers! Furry Girl is launching a new project dedicated to sex worker rights and she is looking for short personal stories, advice on how to be a good ally, and tips for clients who want to be ethical customers. The deadline is coming up quickly (May 27) but don’t let that frighten you! The word count requirements range from 70-120 words and sex workers of all stripes are welcome to submit.

I’ll be hosting an ultra-nerdy workshop on the science of orgasms on Tues, May 24. I’m so excited to be bringing in the PSIgasm that my partner and I have been working on to help show people what their orgasms look like from a geekier point-of-view. I’m really excited to get the PSIgasm project off the ground and the best way I could think to do so would be to start teaching people more about what happens when they come. This workshop will be the first public demonstration of how the device works so I’ll be grabbing cocktails after the workshop and all attendees are welcome to come along and ask questions.

It’s the Rapture (again) and I’ll be attending the West Coast Rapture RAM alongside other heathens, skeptics, and free thinkers. The lineup looks great and I’m excited to see Greta Christina speak as well as everyone else on the line-up. I’m glad to stumble onto a local (and affordable) event. It’s been my wish to attend The Amaz!ing Meeting for several years now but I can never actually afford a ticket to get inside. If you liked my post about Penn Jillette, I would be much obliged if you could help me get out to see him speak at this event for skeptics and freethinkers. Seriously, I really want to go and I’ll love you forever/film a custom video set/pull a public prank of some variety/negotiate if you can help me get out to TAM in Vegas this summer.

At any rate, if you see me out at the conference come say HI! I like people, especially people at conferences for atheists and skeptics hosted during the rapture.

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