CrashPad With Tina Horn

Not too long ago I was super pleased to shoot for The CrashPad Series with none other than Tina Horn.

Before the shoot, Tina asked me to come in and be her sexy teacher’s assistant and demo bottom for a class on corporal play over at Good Vibes. She smacked me a little but it was just an appetizer and we both knew it. Getting to come in to the Crashpad was something long coming for both of us.

I knew that Tina had a thing for spanking and especially leather pants so I pulled out a pair that had been hiding in my closet waiting for some action. I was more than happy to offer her my rump to play with to her delight and to mine.

Another insider secret is that we’re both students of literature and big time dirty talkers. If you want to hear all kinds of smut roll out of our mouth from the obscene to the outright silly and sassy you can’t miss it. Ali at Made of Words wrote up a fantastic review of this scene so you don’t have to take my word for it.

There’s nothing better than working people you find sexy and admire a lot for their work. Tina Horn has been a big mover and shaker of the queer porn scene and I was so thrilled to work with her and bring our chemistry to the scene.

One of the best moments for all of you fans of squirting is the grand finale. Being as grateful as I was for the fantastic strap-on fucking I got, I was more than happy to give Tina some pleasure of her own. Squirting is a major, major turn-on for me and when she started to pop I couldn’t help myself! I flipped over and rubbed my ass all over the come she was spraying everywhere. There’s nothing sexier than a Horn-y slip and slide!

  The CrashPad set is amazing. It’s a tremendously talented crew who not only make some of the highest quality queer porn out there but also create a very supportive set. It’s the kind of place to feel welcome as a performer and a queer identified individual. I’ve been a fan for such a long time. CrashPad is the kind of gig that makes even the most jaded performer excited about. It’s a chance to express something more than a scene, it’s a chance to make the kind of porn that you aren’t always given the room to create. To say that the crew is supportive does not convey the undying enthusiasm they have for their performers and the hot smut we’re all working hard to make.

Check this scene out!



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3 responses to “CrashPad With Tina Horn

  1. This was an especially good reason to tune in to the Crash Pad’s Live Stream (ha ha). If you were, you know Maggie and Tina kept going after the crew left the room.

  2. On the one hand, I can’t imagine anything hotter than this, but on the other hand, I think that watching you and Tina in the same piece might make my brain short-circuit from an overload of nerdslut fabulousness.

  3. oh maggie, as if it wasn’t enough to do this scene, seeing your thoughts about it makes me want to cum all over my boots some more. i absolutely adore you.

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