Meet The Mayhems

Photo By Shilo McCabe

In March of this year, my partner Ned and I were doing our first formal shoot together as a couple for a project on rough sex and impact play. It was a delight to work on and as we laid back on a sweaty and come-covered bed we asked ourselves why we weren’t shooting our own content. We’re both switches so you never know whether one of us will be topping and bottoming. Suffice to say, we’re both enthusiastic perverts who love exploring our sexuality in the company of friends. We also have something to say about the way that people define their own relationships and the labels that just don’t match human experience.

March to August isn’t a lot of time and Ned may have set a new record for all of the hard work he put in behind the scenes. Although there may still be a few bugs here and there, we are pleased to announce the Meet The Mayhems is now operational! We’re loaded up with content that you can buy and download for $8 a month or buy the shoots you like the most individually. We’re always open to ideas and sexy suggestions so let us know what you would like to see!

As of now we’re running this entire project by ourselves without a crew. We’ve gotten some exciting press as we emerge from the gate from Fleshbot and Made of Words who both noticed the same thing: we are operating with no budget to speak of with big plans in our heads. The biggest thing that we want to show is that two people can be madly in love with one another as well as deeply in lust. We’re both pretty dirty and the site is hardcore, without a doubt. We want to show you how we fuck. Neither of us has a consistent bedroom role so who knows what kink we might explore next.

Photo by Shilo McCabe

In the future we’ll be sharing physics lectures across our bodies, videos of the PSIgasm in use and explained, dirty passages from classic literature, lots of outdoor shenanigans, liquid nitrogen play, scandalous behavior at science conventions, and a lot more. We’re not just nerds, we’re hardcore fucking nerds.

I should also mention that the $8 monthly membership won’t last long unless you subscribe now. We’re going to let all of our founding subscribers keep their monthly rate if they sign up between now and the Folsom Street Fair. We know that we’ve got some wrinkles to iron out and we really appreciate the amazing input we’ve been getting from the people who stop by. We really need and appreciate what you have to say about what you want to see and how your experience is working. We want our initial subscribers to keep their rate for all that they are contributing.

Yours in love and lots of butt sex,

Ned and Maggie Mayhem

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  1. Maggie & Ned- Congratulations on your new site! I am so happy you have chosen to make porn showing two people happily in love and lust. How the world needs it.

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