Adopt An Atheist

Christians are such wonderful people. When they get together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, they’re filled with such delight and joy that the mere thought of someone celebrating any other birth, historical events, cultural practice, tilted axis and rotation of the earth, or blockbuster films gunning for an academy award just tears them up to pieces. Without Christians speaking up, how would we know that, “Happy Holidays” is actually a call for Christian genocide? It’s good to have such helpful Christians fighting the “War On Christmas.” Such brave soldiers. How truly oppressed Christians must feel during winter. There’s only hundreds upon hundreds of unconstitutional Christian nativity scenes displayed on state owned property rather than thousands upon thousands.

The best proof of just how brave the Catholic League can be is evidenced in their brand new, “Adopt An Atheist” program. Now there are a lot of atheist and skeptical blogs tearing this to pieces but don’t let that impact how you see this very giving and self-sacrificing program designed to fill those pews (and coffers) up with Christians who don’t know that they are in fact Christians and have gotten confused in this violent “War On Christmas” and are afraid to reveal their true Christ-like self amid all of the loathing and oppression heaped onto people in America who believe that Jesus is their savior.

Seriously, please adopt me. Adoption means that you’ll take care of my finances, right? I’m driving a 2011 bus pass, I live in a tiny apartment in a very exciting part of Oakland, CA, and I am something of a heathen. If ever there were an atheist in dire need of adoption it would be me. In order for me to understand your sincerity, you’ll peruse my wishlist and make sure I have some gifts to put underneath my Christmas Tree, right? That’s what normal people do. Help me be normal!  I don’t usually have a tree and maybe the reason I hate Christmas so much is because I don’t get presents and a couple of years ago I was actually burglarized on Christmas. The best way for me to believe in Christmas Magic would be to see it in its full glory in a giant spread of goods I need and want.

It’s important to remember that if you don’t adopt me and give me a proper Christmas full of gifts and joy, I’m just going to go out and have sex on camera for that money. I know, just those words alone make all of the holy water in the bay area start to boil simultaneously. For every rent check, utility bill, and trip to Haiti I go on, I have to spend hours upon hours of my time having sex with my friends and my personal partner. Is there any other atheist more needy and starving of Jesus’ love? Sure, there are lots of hungry and homeless people in need of adoption in the cold of winter but they aren’t as needy as I am because I’m an atheist whore. I’m morally bankrupt. I have no Christmas tree. I don’t go to church. I read the bible as a piece of ancient global literature.

The Catholic League website makes it clear: if we hurry, these closeted Christians can celebrate Christmas like the rest of us. As an added bonus, they will no longer be looked upon as people who “believe in nothing, stand for nothing and are good for nothing.”

Good for nothing, wow. I thought that going to a place that was hit by a devastating earthquake and left in ruins to sledge, shovel, and clean up the mess was good for something. Now I realize that my work was helpless. The shelters that I built are “atheist shelters.” Oh you might think that they provide cover from the weather, safety from the outdoors, and a place to call home but the families that I worked with know that they live in an “atheist shelter” and it is chillier inside an “atheist shelter” than a real, genuine Christian shelter even in the tropics. It actually snows inside of the good for nothing “atheist shelters” I helped build.

I need someone from the Catholic League to adopt me, clearly. Just the other day my partner and I were talking about planning another volunteer expedition for the summer. Imagine what HORRIBLE things would happen if we showed up, jumped into some manual labor, and did so without any agenda other than clearing debris and constructing shelters. That’s just going to make more snow, isn’t it?

So please, Catholic League. Adopt me. Give it your best shot. Take me as a lascivious little lamb who needs to frolic back into the arms of my eternal shepherd zombie in the cloud castle.

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7 responses to “Adopt An Atheist

  1. It’s important to remember that if you don’t adopt me and give me a proper Christmas full of gifts and joy, I’m just going to go out and have sex on camera for that money.

    Am I a bad person if this makes me want to discourage people from adopting you?

  2. Gen

    As a Laveyan Satanist I loathe Christmas too (not to mention the commercialism/environmental factors) but I thought this was a bit much. Have some respect for other religions.

    • This is a response to a public posting that I am “good for nothing” because I’m an atheist. The point of this post is to respond to a seriously hateful take on atheism. At no point did I call Christians “good for nothing.” We are allowed to defend ourselves when our humanity is dismissed outright. Click on the link, remember that I am responding to an official posting by the Catholic League. This is a major organization, they are in no danger of being hurt by me. Bill Donohue has a massive national platform and is supported by a wealth of financial and other resources.

      It’s not OK that the Catholic League officially called atheists “good for nothing” on their website. Furthermore, there is total hypocrisy in calling yourself a follower of Christ and deciding at Christmas time to put all of your effort into converting people to your religion rather than addressing the needs of people who are dying in our streets.

      • Maggie,
        I agree. When a “religion” imposes judgement, it ceases to be a spiritual force and becomes simply a moralistic social force – thus giving up any pretense of spiritual morality. Oxymoron

  3. OMG and I only thought it snowed inside of Canadian atheist shelters when the Catholics “judged” all those around them. The Holy Roman Catholic Empire is indeed the 4th Reich.
    Very appropriate comments for the majority of us: heathens ALL. Besides, Sarcasm is so sweet.
    After all; the Christian ‘sects’, including the Rastafari, the Hebrews, the Buddhists, the Muslims, Toaists, Hindus and Sufi’s et al far outnumber the Catholics regardless of the power of the Vatican…. not to mention all the wiccans, atheists, pagans and infidels which abound in our modern times.
    Laugh Out Loud!
    I particularly loved it when the HRCE decried the discovery of the tomb of Yashua ((Jesus)-or-(Hey Zeus)) a few years ago by the Canadian film maker James Cameron (Titanic, etc.) as being “impossible”; because as we all know, Jesus was taken bodily to heaven to sit beside God… and therefore there could be, of course, no such tomb of “Jesus”
    Laugh Out Loud!
    Lord, spare me from your followers.
    ~ B

  4. Ed

    What these grifters mean is that you’re no good to them because they can’t manipulate you, can’t pick your pocket nor molest your offspring. To the rest of us, you’re a goddess, Maggie.

  5. Andrew K

    Fantastic post!

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