Happy Holidays And Looking Ahead to 2012

Photo by WholeSexLife.Com

I hope that everyone out there in internet land is getting through the bleakness of winter in the company of loved ones. I am a secular slut but I’ll never be opposed to hanging lights when there is so little sun in the day. All of my very best wishes to everyone and I hope that you have a spectacular New Year. I will be making some changes to my website here early on in the new year and I hope you’ll come back to check out the new look.

It is also my pleasure to announce that I may be coming to your city in 2012! I have been getting booking requests at different universities and venues to help promote sex worker rights, consent culture, and more! It’s an honor to be invited but as a broke ass ‘ho it’s hard to get anywhere when you don’t have a plane ticket. As a low budget backpacker, it will be thrilling to sleep on couches and meet new folks. I’m not a fancy traveler but hitchhiking isn’t quite going to work out this time around.

Kitty and I posing for a quick shot at Pride 2011 with Folsom the dog

The amazing Kitty Stryker and I will be hosting a fundraising event on Jan 24th at the Center for Sex and Culture and we need YOUR help! We’re in need of financial donations to help us travel to the places that would like to learn more about consent and entitlement culture but we also need raffle prizes, performers, snacks, and anything else that can help us hit the road and change the world. If you’re in the bay area, mark your calendars and come out! It’s going to be sex positive fun with all kinds of toys, bur- and boilesque performances, and more!

If you aren’t able to come out but want to lend us a helping hand, send a donation via chip-in or email me: missmaggiemayhem@gmail.com with your ideas or contributions. Thanks for all of your help in advance and help us make our way across the continental landscape.


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