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Maggie with Nina Hartley

Me with Nina Hartley! I was a speaker at Open SF, a conference on non-monogamy. Nina was representing the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. They are a lobbying group that does amazing work.

Maggie by a graffiti mural

I did a photoshoot for an event in San Francisco and on the way home I quickly posed near a major SOMA mural that caught my eye.

Ned poses with the mural

Ned was also a part of the photshoot! We are the Mayhems, we often travel as a pair.


Sexy! Although I have qualms with the plot, I love the experience of watching the 1927 silent film Metropolis. It has amazing special effects for its time, has some very sexy moments, and even though it’s more idealistic about class politics than reality calls for it’s a must-see classic.

Maggie with the Bawdy Storytelling Sign

I also performed with Bawdy Storytelling! Fencesitter was a great topic and I talked about those queer teen years when I was dating a boy but madly in love with a girl.

There’s a sit-in ongoing at Lakeview Elementary in Oakland. Many of our public schools and libraries have faced substantial cuts and are closing. Parents, teachers, and community members are inside

Maggie at Feelmore 510

Oh no! I had a Hitachi Magic Wand die on me! Of course I headed to my FAVORITE Oakland sex boutique, Feelmore 510. I love supporting independent Oakland entrepreneurs. Plus, the owner, Nenna Joiner, is super HOT and a producer of indie queer porn that can’t be missed.

Maggie with wishlist books!

WOW! Thanks SO MUCH to Eli Movie Master for sending me some awesome books from my wishlist. I got a book on camp cooking, underground technology, and sex work in Tokyo. Being an indie queer whore does not bring in the raw cash but it expands my mind constantly. Thanks SO MUCH!

Maggie with Shar Rednour

Here I am with Shar Rednour, author of “How To Fuck In High Heels.” We were both performing together in “A Taste Of Transformation” at The Off Center as part of the National Queer Arts Festival 2012.

Maggie in a space suit!

I had the honor of presenting at Open SF, a conference on non-monogamy in San Francisco. My panel was called, “Second Generation Poly” and I presented with Ned, Ned’s Dad, and Ned’s Dad’s secondary partner. I DID present in my space suit and the photo takes you to an article about our talk.

A hot porn set

I had a FANTASTIC time shooting with Girlfriends Films for “Fast Girls, Fixed Gears,” with Madison Young directing. I got to come back for another San Francisco Lesbian flick about G-spot ejaculation. Keep your eyes peeled for some hot squirting action featuring yours truly.

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