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Photo By Shilo McCabe

Hello Mayhemites!

This post is all about the upcoming Catalyst Conference, a very sexy circus, and some projects that need your votes for SXSW and OffBeatr. Voting is free so lend your support and read on to find out what all of this madness is about!

Candid shot from a hike with Ned. We spotted a cattle run and I couldn’t help but take off my clothes for a quick iPhone shot.

I’ve been hard at work on several projects and those of you looking to see me should keep your eyes peeled! I’ll be opening up Catalyst Con  on September 14 in Long Beach, CA. You will NOT want to miss this incredible event about gender, sexuality, and feminism. The lineup is absolutely awesome. If you read this blog, I am certain you are a fan of at least a handful of the speakers slated for Catalyst and at this event they’ll be excited to share their ideas with you.

Wide shot of a field with a cattle run and me looking introspective in the middle of it.

If you are a fan of out-of-this world performances, wild words, and eroticly dazzling shenanigans, then make sure to come out to the SEXY CIRCUS of Fleur De Lis SF. After being coined “the sluttiest blogger in San Francisco” Vanessa Pinto has been seeking out strange experiences and people. She’s a warm and welcoming voice for all of love’s revels and while some people just tell you about their sordid experiences, she’s bringing them to you live. Talk about some serious journalism and fact-checking! This is happening September 21 in San Francisco, CA. Remember: the proceeds are going to The Center For Sex And Culture. This is one of my favorite resources in San Francisco. It has a massive library dedicated totally to sexuality and the CSC has been a strong supporter of sex positivity and its prophets. Please, please, please come out for a good time that makes them keep happening!


Right now, I have a project up on a new website called OffBeatr. This website is looking sleek and sexy and it’s going to be the hub of crowd-funded adult projects. Whether it’s porn or sex science, OffBeatr is going to have a prime crop of projects that were too sexy for Kickstarter but also chosen for quality and promise. Both Ned and I are really excited about this and we thought long and hard about the kind of movie we wanted to make if we had the funds. We’ll also have some serious sex science coming down the hatch but since this is the launch, we thought we would start things off right with some sexy films.

As nerds, we both love the original Twilight Zone. I’ve been a fan for many, many years constantly awed by the way that Rod Serling could weave philosophy and cultural criticism into science fiction. However, it was also very centered in the white, het, male experience. People of color, women, and those with disabilities are most often foils to the man’s experience in the majority of the episodes and queerness is something that isn’t touched at all. Given that there was a very strong current of charged eroticism that runs through so many episodes, I wanted to do something new and sexy with the Twilight Zone. I didn’t want to make a parody, I wanted to actually take it a step further.

We hope to make a full series of Mayhem Zone episodes and we have high hopes of showing off some of the best queer porn stars out there. We also want to pay them. Right now, porn is in transition. The website subscriber model is fading. Most people access their content through torrent servers because it’s quick, easy, all in one place, and most of all it’s free. This means it’s time for a new way to make porn. Crowd sourcing opens up a new opportunity for web users to make the decision about what kind of porn they want to greenlight and what kind they don’t. It’s a chance for consumers to say YES to the kinds of people and bodies that directors and producers often say NO to when it comes to casting.

The Mayhem Zone will depict the kind of sex that fits the plot of the story. I’ve been hard at work and full of anticipation with the pilot script based loosely around the idea of an “Andrea Dworkin death curse.” I really want to play with pro-sex feminism and anti-sex feminism. This is going to be super hot and I’m excited to say that I have Coral Aorta signed on for the pilot. Many more to come! I reached out to Coral because we’ve worked together on some Femina Potens projects and because she’s one of those weird, slutty, art fucks. We’ve got original music. We’ve got big plans.

So please, please, please! Send us your votes! <3<3<3 It’s totally free to cast your preliminary votes and we need them! Help us get this show on the road.

Photo By Shilo McCabe


We also need your FREE VOTES to get our porn panel to the awesome tech conference, SXSW. This is going to be an awesome panel and we need crowd support to make it happen. Kitty Stryker will be the moderator and the panel will feature Kelly Shibari, Shine Louise Huston, and us Mayhems! We want to have a conversation about WHY we all decided to do it ourselves and how it works for us and how it is changing the face of the industry. This conference is home to the movers and shakers of the digital world and we want to tell them what DIY porn is all about. Please sign up and vote for our panel and help get us out to SXSW in 2013.

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