Internet Archeology

Aw, those sanguine days of the early internet when neon and blinky was fashionable and the government had not fully appropriated the world wide web even after being one if its primary patrons.

I stumbled onto the fantastic website Internet Archaeology which collects web graphics from those early days of the internet and archives them so that we may better understand our roots. I am pleased to report that they collected adult images from the early web as cultural watermarks of their own. Warning: some images below the cut have flashing and scrolling images. All images link to the Internet Archaeology website. The full archive there contains graphics that create a fuller depiction of what porn advertising looked like in the 90s and some of the images use language that might be offensive to some viewers, particularly around gender.

For those looking for a blast in the face from the internet past, let’s take a ride down memory lane!

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