Link Roundup

Oakland Coroner’s Bureau, iPhone shot by me

As a long time fan of Bowie, it was cool to see another artist examine his aesthetic and apply it to a new project.

  • Spot Larry David and Michael Richards in an ABC answer to SNL in a sketch about the Time Warp from the 70s to 80s in “The Ronnie Horror Picture Show.”

A surprisingly good piece of satire for both the film and the times.

A compulsive and problematic relationship to the body is something that can’t be purely defined as a “feminine” problem.

This article, along with The Village Voice, gives me hope that a more reasonable dialog about sex work and its discontents can be voiced.

  • “Your vaginas might be important, but so are the lives that nobody seems to be grieving.” Feminism Abandoned Me

Vagina != Woman

This is a phrase we need to retire and we forget that saying angry women need sex is a form of gender policing and part of rape culture. Pleasure politics are about access to pleasure NOT other people determining what pleasure looks like for you and how often you need it.

An analysis of assaults on children that has a lot of insight into how we turn our backs on any sexual assault.

  • An open letter to journalists about interviewing sex workers from Tits & Sass

No, really, don’t ask or expect us to do your research for you for free. Seriously.

  • The gospel of Jesus’ Wife? From NY Times.

I’m so into lost and forgotten gospels it’s not even funny. The politics around he gets canonized reveal a lot about why religious dogmatic thinking is fundamentally flawed.

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