Call For Recipes: The Kinks In Our Tablecloth

Nerine Mechanique as Medusa


One of my friends, Nerine Mechanique, has been a 24/7 student of the erotic arts and services. She is smart and abounds with peculiarities and other such pleasant fripperies. This is because Nerine is a robot with a great many curious habits of body. Her programming lends her to skills, love, and attention to humans. She can provide a wealth of information about leather sex traditions and practices and she might even do so over a pair of your best boots or leather as the resident bootblack at Wicked Grounds.

Really, Nerine can be found all over the local BDSM community and not often with a spotlight. She has superior cooking programming and is very often a robot chef making sure that there’s something sweet, something savory, something vegan, something gluten free, and always just the right thing after a beating for tops and bottoms alike. As a very service oriented robot, the sales of this recipe data compendium will go to benefit local organizations that are really brave in their dedication to supporting marginalized populations who face sexual stigmas.

The Kinks in Our Tablecloth is a SF bay area BDSM cookbook seeking stories, recipes, and memories involving the foods that fuel our passions, creativity, and perversions. Nerine, a professional pervert, self taught kinky chef, and all around filthy hedonist, is collaborating with bay area locals to bring a sometimes overlooked element to the scene: the emotionally nourishing culinary experiences we all share and enjoy that keep us fueled and empowered to be who we are. “From comfort foods that make the best aftercare meal, treats for your human animal, little’s picnic baskets, every-day cooking, appetizers, formal dining, and other culinary delights that nourish what gets us hot, energetic, or sated, The Kinks in Our Tablecloth will be an anthology of meals & experiences representing the many facets of the SF BDSM & kink community.”

Nerine intends to offer the publication in both a digital and printed format, with proceeds after production cost going to bay area non-profits that support LGBTQ groups and sex workers including St. James Infirmary, SolaceSF, and Lyon Martin.  If you are interested in being a part of this project, please contact kinksinourtablecloth@gmail.comto learn more regarding photography, contributions of stories & recipes, test kitchen personell (woo!) and publication information.

Sharing our stories and our pleasures is a way to strengthen our bonds. Please send your stories and help make this a robust collection of how we nourish ourselves from the infinite diversity of our experiences.

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