Farewell, 2013

2013 was the name of the truck that hit and dragged me down a road. We’re not going to dwell on the downsides. We’re going to focus on the good parts because it’s New Year’s Eve and regardless of what we tweet or experience or capture on our iPhones, time moves forward. This too shall pass, whatever it is.

Also, I did some pretty damn cool stuff. In no particular order:

SXSW2013_Vert_IA_RGBI gave a talk with Ned Mayhem at SxSW 2013. I don’t think I’ll be back for “SouthBy” for a long time. I have to say that I am very, very overwhelmed when I’m around tons of people drinking copious amounts of alcohol, especially when it’s tons and tons of white dudes who seem to lack awareness of themselves and their surroundings. I’m honored to have been selected and I met great people there. You can see cutting edge films, top music artists, endless innovation, and some very cool people. However, I’m too agorafabulous to handle a crowd of that size, especially drunk. Wowzer! It’s Nerdi Gras.

kiss_kill_consumeI performed in a variety show about serial killers hosted by Jamie DeWolf. This was the weirdest show I’ve been in and it was also the best backstage experience ever! The Great American Music Hall is a fantastic venue and down below it were a bunch of bands and burlesquers, a mortician and some comedians and me. Weird. The best burlesque piece I ever saw happened that night and it was a depiction of the crimes of Albert Fish. There was such great talent there with such a far out theme.

IMG_3452I was a little eco porn girl! With outdoor appearances at Naughty Natural with Nicki Silver (droolworthy daredevil of smut who will pull that hairy bush out anywhere and I am in <3<3<3) and in “Lesbians in the Wild” with Jolene Parton (nerd xxx girl alert mad crush OMG), I’m the girl you want to bring with you on a hike! It’s been fun perfecting my horny hippie persona. Look forward to much, much more in 2014! You can watch us tweet each other and make cameos on each other’s Tumblrs. True love.

bannerI spoke at Arse Elektronika in San Francisco. This conference is AMAZING and it’s a must see if you’re ever in San Francisco. There are wonderful speculative talks such as the future of reality show sex on Mars as well as practical talks on how to build a dildo in the jungle presented by a bug researcher. It’s off the map and it gets some the most serious sex nerds, the kinds who crack open their vibrators and get out a soldering iron and modify things or deep theory on cyborg sexuality. PS: I’m published in their anthology so check it out!

[Note: I made a promise on a pretty big performance piece for 2014. The kind that has me already thinking how I’m going to pull it off.]

Film ShotI went to Vienna! I spent Nov 1-Dec 10 as an artist in residence at the Museumsquartier. While I was in Vienna I did the following:

There needs to be a legit post about Vienna because WOW WOW WOW. Vienna is an incredible city. I lived in a studio at the Museumsquartier and it was the former stables of the Hofburg Palace which was next door. I saw museums galore. I got to develop friendships and romances and flings (oh my!).

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 1.28.42 AMI joined up with Cum and Glitter to put on a rocking, sold out party! I did a piece involving a giant Ouija board and envisioned what it would be to supernaturally cam for the undead using magical means. It’s always great to see what people are making. I think the spirit of the Cockettes comes through there sometimes.

Occupied-DVDCoverFrontWEB-360x480I got to star in an INCREDIBLE film called Occupied a while back. It was in post production for a while but when it came out, it came out BIG and BOLD. It screened at the Berlin Porn Film Fest and it picked up a nomination for Best Feminist Porn Release of the Year by the 2014 XBIZ Awards. This was a role I adored! It was a mix of my politics and my perversion. It was also filmmaking. Shine is always a top notch professional. She knows her craft like none other. This time, there were tight shots to get. There was more action that your average fuck flick. It was great to make. There was a cameo by Annie Sprinkle that will make you laugh. It was optimistic. It was hot.

booksThe truth is, it’s and. And. And. And. And, it was beautiful. And, it was hard. And, I bawled my head off. And, I laughed so hard my gut hurt. And, I felt so much pain and uncertainty I felt like I was falling. And, I came so hard I had to readjust my spiritual views. And, I felt like I did nothing. And, I made incredible strides in my art and my work. And, I felt stabbed. And, I felt elated. And, and, and, and, and. It happens all at once and it doesn’t negate any part. And, I got through it. And, it really changed me. And, I’m not the same as when I started.

On Jan 1, 2013 an emotional landmine had gone off and a series of deeply wretched happenings was about to transpire but then we got chicken and waffles with optimism. Now I’m pretty much vegan and I have no idea what I really believe and I think love and sex are very confusing things. Go figure. This is what growing up is. What I blogged and tweeted was wild enough and the stranger thing is what I didn’t even put out there but wrested with in deep meat space which is woah. I would laugh at myself a year ago today. Here I am. Let’s do it.

ds-ampersand-9Happy New Year! All my love to you, my fans, readers, haters, peers, friends, lovers, family, community members, and however you found me. May you keep moving and growing. I’ll be out and about plenty in 2014 so keep your eye out for me. Let’s make some Mayhem!

Catch me in Oaktown on Jan. 9 2014 to help get Trouble Studios off the ground in their new space. Looking forward to more rad queer smut! I’ll be performing alongside hottie Ramses Rodstein and I hear that there will be purveyors of the finest spankings in the Bay Area.


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