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Maggie Mayhem is both a sex positive activist and a sex educator. She began receiving formal training on sexuality, sexually transmitted infections, harm reduction, and substance use in 2003 and has continued accessing as many academic and medical resources possible to keep up to date with medically accurate information.

Her career took her from a volunteer with a 5 hour weekly commitment into a full time passion. She has coordinated the Free and Anonymous HIV Testing Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she completed her B.A. in 2007, served as the HIV Senior Specialist at Larkin Street Youth Services, performed HIV/AIDS grant work in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, and served as a supervisor at the San Francisco Sex Information Hotline. She has well over 600+ documented hours of training in human sexuality, HIV/AIDS, STI’s, Communication, Consent, Substance Use, and Harm Reduction.


Maggie Mayhem has been a featured conference speaker at forums for queer youth, homelessness, HIV prevention, sex worker rights, and sex education. She loves panels! As a passionate activist for sexuality, sex worker rights, and the eradication of HIV, Maggie has many intersecting interests under the umbrella of fighting oppression.

* Yale University
* Princeton University
* BIL Conference
* Farmhouse Conference
* Momentum Con
* Honored as  a “Vagina Warrior” by UC Berkeley “Vagina Monologues”
* Western Regional UCLGBTQIA Conference
* Feelmore510
* Arizona State University
* University of California, Santa Cruz
* Mills College
* Good Vibrations
* Center For Sex and Culture

Live tweet coverage from her keynote panel at Catalyst Con.

Audio from the “Ethics Of Pornography” at Yale University featuring Maggie Mayhem, Carolyn Bronstein, and Gail Dines moderated by Claire Potter.

On “Sex Out Loud” with Tristan Taormino

On “Sex With Emily” with Emily Morse

Maggie Mayhem loves getting on stage and sharing her creativity. Her performances have included

* Poetry (Vagabond Ballroom)
* Explicit performance art (SF Citadel, Mission Control, Femina Potens, Exotic Erotic Ball, Bondage A Go Go, Folsom Street Fair, El Rio, Lexington Club, and MORE!)
* Storytelling (Bawdy Storytelling, BedPost Confessions, WriteClub SF)
* Multimedia performance (Femina Potens Gallery, National Queer Arts Festival and more!)
* Suspension bondage (featured online at Kink.Com, full length film and Cine Kink winner “Indietro”, Exotic Erotic Ball, Rope Burn, and many more)
* Much, much more! Maggie Loves working in uncensored spaces where the intelligent and the explicit can come together.

LIVE! Talking with Reid Mihalko on FCC Free Radio

Hanging out in Leogane, Haiti by our base


Maggie loves working with people one-on-one and is very happy to provide in person and web-based advice, coaching, and sex positive support. Get in touch if you need a passionate and energetic voice in your life.

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  1. Vadun Bichutskiy

    Look forward to seeing you at AOR tomorrow.

  2. Look forward to seeing you at AOR tomorrow.

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