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Tales Of Kink.Com

So I rage tweet, sometimes. I’ve been doing a lot of that over the recent scandal of Peter Acworth being arrested for drug possession charges.

But what’s interesting to me is how quickly people will act as though my tweets all pose a mortal threat to Cybernet Entertainment, also known as Kink.Com which is located at the San Francisco Armory. What a long strange relationship it’s been.

A long time ago before Mayhem was even thought of and I was a college freshmen chomping at the bit to indulge my long internet researched proclivities for getting creative with the integrated imagination of the sexual landscape, I went to a party at Kink.Com and didn’t even know it. I had purple hair and I was modeling someone’s leather creations with fairy wings, purple hair, and my trademark thick rimmed glasses. I was a teenager, I wasn’t yet 21. I was wide eyed and bushy tailed and as I wandered through the space I realized that it was…familiar. And my, there were drains everywhere…I realized in a flash that left me flushed that I was at The Porn Palace of Kink.Com. It wasn’t the armory then and although it was a profitable company is wasn’t the pledging to join a more mainstream entertainment sorority.

I never thought I could be a model, then. I had whiplash from the world I emerged from and the number one thought that ran through my head at all times “remain cool, calm, and collected.” I didn’t want to appear as anything but a natural addition to “Love’s Elysium.” I’m glad I welcomed the latex zebras who would kick and nip, the zipped up gimps, the strange men who crawled out from the shadows begging me to fuck their ass, the strange devices and contraptions like Fuck Saws, the grand theater of courtship rituals, the sense that I had crossed over to some other realm and I sat back with quiet humility that I didn’t know the rules of the sexual underworld and that I should watch often and I did for years.

Most people don’t walk into porn in their mid twenties and there’s a story I’ve been meaning to tell you all, one that I’ve been uncovering for myself as my relationship to porn evolves, about why I did. I look back now and say that I committed social suicide at age 24 when I walked into the Armory to exchange a short nude, bondage, orgasm, and masturbation video for a few hundred bucks and a lifetime of stigma. About a year ago, this author and co-writer&director of “About Cherry” (a film loosely based on and filmed at Kink.Com) emailed me to ask about the first time I did porn. I never answered him. It was more complicated and personal that he asked me.

Let me paint my mindset. Adventures in Africa6560_maggiemayhem002

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Virginity: Update

I got into porn because I wanted to change it. Sexual diversity has always amazed me and my journey with it has been exciting. I’ve had the highs of working with some of the most talented people in the world. I’ve had the lows of scathing judgment from people very close to me in my life. One thing that has remained the same throughout all of my experience is my support of porn. I am pro-porn when the models are busty, blonde, and tan. I am pro-porn when the models are pierced, inked, and sporting technicolor hair. I am pro-porn when it features acts that I am not particularly interested in myself. I am pro-porn when its queer. I am pro-porn when its straight. I am pro-porn when people are so turned on that they throw those boxes out the window and get down and dirty and have fun.

Watching movies on Kink.Com was one of the first places I began exploring my sexuality. I was and still am astonished at the creativity that goes into every single shoot. Behind the scenes, people are working in the basement of the armory to design sets, lighting, and equipment and it doesn’t take an experienced eye to recognize how talented these folks are. The talent department makes you feel welcome. The hair and makeup team make you feel like the sexiest thing to walk the earth. When you look at some of the stills from shoots you can see that there is a thin line between art and pornography. Maybe there isn’t a line at all. I started following their websites simply because they looked so good. I was also fascinated by the pre- and post- shoot interviews with the models and the directors. Unlike other websites, I heard models speak openly about elements of a shoot that they didn’t enjoy. I also noticed that shoots that didn’t go according to plan were still added to the site as a bonus update. That kind of transparency made me respect them because nothing in life always goes according to plan 100% of the time. That’s what makes it so exciting.

The more I explored, the more I realized that Kink.Com was invested in creating porn that was not only sexy as hell, but also created under a strict code of ethics and values. BDSM can certainly look scary to people. It is the Id at work. It also operates under a framework of consent. I have always felt infinitely safer naked in a dungeon than I have felt in jeans and a sweatshirt walking on a city street. BDSM communities have rules, standards, and a lot of discussion about what makes a safe space. A lot of people get annoyed by the continuous and open nature of these conversations. “Why do we have to talk about touching people without their permission again?” We have these conversations because sexuality is fluid. Sexuality does not have a five year plan. Sexuality has a five second plan. Biologically and psychologically we are experiencing rapid change without warning. Someone whispers something into our ears and our eyes dilate, our skin flushes, our genitals become engorged with blood. Someone whispers something else and all of these responses can immediately retreat. Sexuality is in a state of constant change and so it is vital that we talk about it consistently.

As my career as a model began to develop, I noticed that everyone had their eyes on Kink.Com. Here was this company that began with a futon rack, some rope, and an English business man with a vision. Now Kink.Com operates, literally, out of a castle. The armory was once used as a place to teach people how to kill. Once upon a time there was a firing range; now it is a place where footage of orgasms are edited. Once upon a time, people arrived at its steps with the knowledge that they could be called upon to end the lives of other human beings in war. Now, people arrive at the armory steps to explore and expand sexuality. Moreover, everyone knows that Kink.Com has a mission statement that is central to everything that they do. Whenever I would engage in a debate about porn, Kink.Com would inevitably come up. When you listen to the experiences of the models, the directors, and the staff the only thing someone adamantly opposed to porn could argue is that the act of filming sex is inherently exploitative. Kink.Com never operated like the rest of the industry. The tired arguments about greasy men with cigars, women crying in the shower out of shame and fear, or horrific onset abuses never stood up when people talked about Kink.Com.

I do hold Kink.Com to a high standard and I have received some criticism for this. This is because it is my mission statement to change porn. I am not content with a company simply being better than others. That isn’t how social justice operates. Social justice is about always moving forward, always fighting for equality, always working towards a better world. No one can rest upon their laurels, they must continue forward. No, we may never achieve a perfect world but it is our obligation to keep fighting for one. Cynicism (often referred to as ‘realism’) does not improve working conditions, it does not eliminate exploitation, it does not elevate us as a species. I have seen the momentum that hate has and the consequences it places on the lives of all people. Acts of inequality do not occur in a vacuum. They start out small; they are a comment here, a comment there and then they grow until a monster manifests itself before our very eyes. It is vital to be vigilant about the potential for darkness that resides in all of us because it is so very easy to fall into and so dreadfully hard to overcome once it has a stronghold. It is born out of silence.

I am also aware that change comes in steps. Those steps can also be maddeningly small. When I was first exposed to the theory of harm reduction, I realized immediately that it was effective in all areas of my life. Moving the mountain is such a difficult task that most of us will abandon it before long. Moving one rock at a time, however, that can be done. I try to be pro-active in my quest to move the mountain that is porn and that has taken many forms in my life. I work as an educator, I support sex positive projects, I volunteer and contribute to sex positive projects. I try to utilize as many avenues as I can. I prefer not to dwell on the negative; getting on set making sex positive porn is much more fun and exciting than getting up on a soap box can ever be. There is nothing “fun” about openly criticizing people that you hope will continue to hire you for work.

When I saw the marketing campaign around the upcoming “virginity” shoot at Kink.Com it didn’t feel right in my gut. It did not match the hearts and minds of the people that I have come to know. It did not represent the mission statement and values that have been so important to me and have influenced people all over the world. This troubled me because I found so many parts of it incredibly fucking hot. Nicki Blue is a sexy girl and when she’s on camera you can tell that she’s having a great time. It’s incredible that she has been so creative and assertive about her body. I think all of these things are incredibly sex positive. The marketing did not reflect that. It contradicted so many things about the way that Kink.Com has operated in the past. I read that press release many times over to try and articulate what bothered me so much about it. I noticed that it was not biologically accurate and it was setting the audience up for false expectations. Kink.Com exceeds expectations. I also saw one hell of a golden opportunity to educate people about what’s really happening with the vagina because there are far, far, far too few opportunities to do so in such an up close an explicit manner. Given the shame that so many of us have about our bodies,  porn is often the only place that many people will ever get to see the human body up close.

For anyone who thinks that education is boring, I highly suggest you check out the many free videos on Behind Kink that have been educational in nature. It was sexy as hell to watch Princess Donna and other awesome models talk about fisting. It was really hot to watch Claire Adams talk about the way she can climax from different types of SM play. Maitresse Madeline and Dragon Lily steamed up the screen when they explained foot fetish play. They even included a multi-part series on strap-on fucking with the sexy Isis Love. They’ve covered puppy play, why some people like marks from BDSM, negotiating boundaries, sex and (dis)ability, and so many more. Not only do they provide education, they offer in a way that is a lot of fun to watch. When Kink.Com decides to expose people to new ideas and concepts, they do it well. You’ll also notice that they include information about what it is they featuring on some of their sites. The Upper Floor has information about 24/7 dominance and submission. Divine Bitches illuminates aspects of female domination. The website forums are active with people asking questions about everything from production, sex toys, and desire. The press release seemed incredibly out of place in this context and that is why it stood out to me so strongly.

My mouth and my legs have something in common: they’re both usually open. Not too long ago, I went to the Kink.Com offices with some other concerns that I was having and I was so pleased to see that they were addressed. It meant so much to me that those doors were open and that people were listening. These were not the kind of concerns that I felt were appropriate for my blog. When I wrote about the press release here, it was because it included misinformation that was being distributed to the public and I felt compelled to address some of the issues it brought up. I was astounded by the response. It indicated that we still have a lot to talk about in regards to our bodies and what virginity really means. Thank you to everyone who joined in on the conversation, even those of you who completely disagreed with me. Your voice is important, too. It was hard for me to balance my feelings, my commitment to making sex positive porn, my love of kinky sex, and fears about speaking up. When I hit the publish button the other day I was worried that Kink.Com was never going to have anything to do with me ever again because I was openly criticizing them.

I was wrong about that.

I want to highlight a comment left on my virginity post by Peter Acworth himself:

Dear Maggie,

I appreciate your thoughtful response to what I admit was a misguided marketing effort on our part. You are entirely right that the way we framed our fulfillment of Nicki’s fantasy was not in line with our values as a company and our commitment to demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by our mishandling of the topic. We’ve taken your feedback to heart revisited our entire marketing effort around this event.

When Nicki approached us several months ago with her fantasy of losing her virginity on camera in front of a live online audience, we were very honored and gave a lot of thought to whether this kind of event really fit within our mission. As you know, Nicki is not new to sex – she has explored her sexually via anal and oral play many times in the past – and after many discussions with her in which she explained what virginity meant to her personally and how central her hymen is to that fantasy, we felt that we could help her live out this desire in a way that would be exciting and pleasurable for everyone involved: Nicki, her co-stars and our members.

I regret how the press release was worded. It did not convey our gratitude that Nicki feels that Kink is the place where she can best live out a fantasy she’s had for many years – to break her hymen during her first vaginal sex experience in front of thousands of fans – and I thank you for pointing that out.

Like you, I truly hope this will be a rewarding experience for Nicki. In fact, I think she would benefit tremendously from having supportive individuals like you in the audience. If you are amenable, I would like to personally invite you to attend the event on Saturday to participate what I hope will be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Best wishes,
Peter Acworth

Not only did Peter address me here on my website, he also left comments on many others where people voiced their concerns. I am impressed by his dedication and I want to openly thank him for listening and responding. It is laudable that he would take these concerns to heart and change the direction that things were heading.

Furthermore, Kink.Com has revamped their marketing efforts around this shoot. The banners on the website have been changed, the press release has new copy, and the the Behind Kink special about Nicki Blue and her fantasy has been revamped.



While this might seem small, it is rare for a multi-million dollar corporation to respond so quickly to criticism. They are balancing the desire to have a successful and popular shoot, the unique components of Ms. Blue’s fantasy, and the concerns of the community. It is an unenviable position to be in and not only do I hope that more porn companies will look at the way Kink has addressed all of these concerns, I hope that more companies and businesses in general would also take note. Ethics and profit are not mutually exclusive. That is the very building block that Kink.Com developed an empire around.

It is also a reminder that speaking up can affect real change in the world. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive, and survive you are going to face issues that make you uncomfortable. Yes, there are problems in the world of porn. There are also problems in our city councils, local branches of the PTA, religious organizations, grocery stores, you name it. Calling out racist comments when you hear them is what helps prevent genocide. Reminding people that it isn’t acceptable to touch others without their permission helps prevent sexual assault. Teaching people about the differences between sex and gender in our schools will reduce the violence that people experience when they’re just trying to pee in peace. Coming out of the closet to friends and family will make it possible for people to be able to marry the person that they love. Regardless of how I or anyone else defines virginity, I hope that by talking about something as seemingly little as a press release that people will have conversations about virginity and that the layers of shame, guilt, and oppression over women’s bodies will begin to lift.

I believe this because I see it happen all the time. No one is insignificant in the battle for social justice. We all have the power to shape our communities.

Thank you for reading my thoughts whether you agreed and passed them on, wrote me an angry email, blocked me on a social networking site, or jumped in on the conversation. For all of my new readers I am sorry to say that I am not usually this interesting and be prepared for a lot of nerdy posts. I hope that all of you will keep coming back and call me out when my words and actions don’t match my mission statement. No one likes to hear that sort of thing, but we’re all going to make mistakes in our lives. Hopefully I have many more years of making horrifically embarrassing mistakes and that I will have the integrity to address them.


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A Night at The Upper Floor

So aside from my theatre obsession, I deboarded the plain from Africa and got back to work bartending for the Upper Floor. Naturally, big wigs like Madison Young, Lochai, James Mogul, Peter Acworth, Rain Degrey, Lilla Katt, Tripod, Maitresse Madeline , Dia Zerva, author Stephen Elliot, and so many others I filled a heavy drink for to quench their thirst. Aside from all of the sexy things happening, it was a hot day in San Francisco. People through their classy notions aside and requested ice in their wine because even sitting in an ice bucket it was impossible to keep things cool.

Deep down, I missed Kink and the Armory. Peter is an amazing guy to work for and being around my favorite people was a blessing. I will also say that I worked harder bartending than I ever do at the shoots. Someone who is busy opening wine bottles, popping open beers, and keeping the ice coming along quickly doesn’t have a chance to have an orgasm or play. Although I was “fondle-able” there wasn’t time to really take advantage of that.

I would also like to lend a shout out to Maestro who is a hard trainer at Kink.Com but also a tremendous help to me. That guy is so multi-talented from his amazing on screen presence as well as his technical skills behind the scene. He’s just an all around amazing guy.
Although I was naked as I was slinging drinks, I was still sweating. I had a lot of light on me and that made it possible for a melty situation as far as makeup goes. Most of my compliments during the evening (as far as looks go- when it comes to vodka I don’t skimp) were about the fact that my eye makeup was firmly in place. The real performers of the night had hair and makeup done by the Kink.Com staff, but I had to get ready on my own at home because the bartender was by no means the focus of the show. The thing is, I used a little trick I learned from the theatre: Aquanet. If you have elaborate makeup on and you know you’re going to be under hot lights or working up a sweat, close your eyes lightly and spray your face with aquanet. My makeup not only survived hours of work behind the bar, it still looked fresh for a party I attended after. Although my skin may not forgive me, at least I looked good temporarily.

(c)Kink.Com; Everything  Butt 2009
So look out for the shoot when Kink starts posting the live shoots and see if you see a nekkid bartender pouring heavy, that’s me. Since I was working without a tip jar, click my affiliate banners . Show your love with no work at all! Plus the sites I list do have some great products to check out.

– please forgive any spelling errors! I wrote this post from my iPhone!

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