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Bawdy Storytelling Photos by Neuoptik Photography

Masters of psychedelic art: My household growing up had a lot of Peter Max and I always enjoyed the bright tertiary colors and flowing lines. Not surprisingly, art that appeals to someone tripping also appeals to kids. Although a lot of folks might want to decry this genre because of its illicit associations there is a tremendous amount of skill and theory applied here. It’s worthy of study and appreciation in all states of consciousness. It’s also had a massive impact on popular art since its inception.


No fap isn’t a challenge, it’s a way of life.” As a logical counterpoint to Reddit’s constant stream of ‘fap material’ is a forum of young men dedicating their time and energy to not fapping as a new take on the old idea of preserving masculinity by abstaining from masturbation.


100% Men is a Tumblr dedicated to depicting companies and corporatations whose leadership is 100% male.


The Mysterious Island Of The Dolls in Mexico is creepy and compelling to look at.


Men should read Hegel before dating is a short video from the coming documentary “Monogamy and its Discontents.”


High school student calls out Pam Stenzel for slut shaming. Her school principal is a total tool with bad ideas on educating teens who engages shaming behavior of his own. Wellesley welcomes their incoming student after the debacle over Twitter. I wrote about Pam Stenzel in 2009 after bearing a grudge from having to watch her horrible “Sex Has a Pricetag” videos in junior high and high school. Pam Stenzel is a lying liar who lies to teens about sex. She makes students feel bad about themselves and their sexuality. May she be known for what she is. I wrote about Stenzel in 2009.


Salvador Dali’s wife Gala was known as the “demon pride” and is said to have outdone him with her own set of sexual perversities, megalomania, and lust for cash.


The Revolution Will Not Be Funded is an anthology that questions the impact of the non-profit industrial complex on enacting social change. I think it’s crucial to consider this and I’ve certainly had my own clashes of this nature.


The Mating Octopus in photos. For all you cephalopod lovers out there.

ImageTriptychs by Mattie Brice explores labels and labeling through the lens of gaming and other personal identifiers. As always, she’s brilliant voice in the gaming community and radical bloggers at large.



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Photo Post


The Mayhems:

Our apartment had a mold situation “blossom” out of control. It pretty much ate up our lives and health. Let me tell you: Black Mold is awful! It made us sick, probably killed our cat Floozy, was a disaster for everything we owned, and we were kinda homeless for awhile looking for a friendly place for us and our (surviving) cat and dog. We did valiant battle against mold and junked most of our belongings and found new lodging.

We also presented the PSIgasm at South by Southwest . I was profiled at Nerve. Appeared at Naughty Natural.  Went to Merida, Mexico in the Yucatan. I also stopped by the Products are Hard conference in San Francisco.  I’m also still trying to plan a wedding party. Talk about stress city! It’s been a hectic month and it took a lot out of us. It was great to see Texas and Merida even if it meant having last minute cancelled flights, blizzards, lost baggage (TWICE!!!!), hotel fires, travel snafus, and other insanity.

Enjoy the photos and I’ll be working on writing some insane bullshit for you all to enjoy.

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2013: A New Year

Here are some photos from Christmas 2012-January 2013. I’ve been soooooo busy. Ned and I drove from Oakland all the way up to Seattle, WA for the holidays. It was an 800 mile journey. Folsom came with us and got to see both snow and sliding glass doors for the first time. We used AirBnB for our road trip accomodations and we were really, really thrilled. I would so much rather share my money with an individual than some shitty chain hotel company. It’s a fun way to get to know people AND we were also happy to meet people who didn’t mind our very energetic and enthusiastic mastiff/lab in their homes. Have I told you all lately how much I LOVE peer to peer interfaces and software?

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January 28, 2013 · 1:36 pm

Recently, In Pictures

Make sure to click on the photos! They will take you somewhere that has more information about what is being depicted. 

Maggie with Nina Hartley

Me with Nina Hartley! I was a speaker at Open SF, a conference on non-monogamy. Nina was representing the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. They are a lobbying group that does amazing work.

Maggie by a graffiti mural

I did a photoshoot for an event in San Francisco and on the way home I quickly posed near a major SOMA mural that caught my eye.

Ned poses with the mural

Ned was also a part of the photshoot! We are the Mayhems, we often travel as a pair.

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Girl Boss Guerrilla With RodeoH

Photo By Whole Sex Life

I was nervous the first time I was invited to fuck someone with a strap-on cock of my very own. The leather harness looked complicated to put together, there were straps and buckles everywhere. It actually took me several tries to figure out how to wrangle it all and stick a hard and bouncy appendage between my own legs and eventually I learned that a novice strap-on fucker’s best friend for the learning curve is a blindfold over the bottom’s eyes so they can’t see you struggle with the straps or resort to improvisation and overhand knots when it all becomes too complicated to handle.

Apparently it’s very important to have a cock between your legs if you want to get ahead in the world. Well I have something like 20 goddamn dicks in all kinds of sizes, colors, textures, and relative hardness. I have flaccid packers that I wear just because there’s something about the weight of a dick between your legs that makes you want to get into mischief.

RodeoH is a new San Francisco company that is attempting to take the complications out of cock harnessing. They built a harness out of a machine washable set of boy briefs that you can pull on and get going. It’s easy to wear under clothing even when it’s super tight and stylish and there are no complicated buckles to got lost with when you’re hot, bothered, and ready to go. I love it for being able to wear a flaccid cock while getting coffee because of the ease it creates in loading, unloading, or switching out a cock.

Versatility is key for me. I have a growing collection of strap-on harnesses and I’m no slouch when it comes to grabbing a piece of a rope to make one on the go. I’ve transformed button fly jeans and even saran wrap into harnesses. It’s a lot of fun to be inventive in bed but there’s something to be said for having something easy to carry around in a purse that makes it possible to get going in a few quick moves. There aren’t any rings to lose (or break), the cotton is super breathable, and it’s really simple to use if you’re looking to break out into the world of strap-on sex.

Advanced strap-on tops might be dismayed by the fact that the RodeoH won’t hold some of the bigger and wider cocks out there on the market. The website states that the optimal toy dimensions are about 5″-6″ length by and 1 1/2″-2″ width. This is true. Although it is possible to squeeze in something larger with the flexible ring, this is not a harness for giant dicks. The things that make this harness so quick and easy are it’s lack of straps and buckles. Still, the idea of wearing a harness comfortably all day long as a pair of underwear is the major draw of this harness.

Not to mention the fact that even I sometimes get obsessed with the size of the dick I’m wearing. It’s not the size of what’s between your legs that matters, it’s the pleasure of the people involved that really counts. In the event that I’m cruising for a quickie session in, say the bathroom of a bar or gas station, I’m not going to have the time to do all of the foreplay necessary to warm someone up for some of my monster cocks especially when something right off the bell curve of average cock size will do just fine.

RodeoH is an awesome company that is local to me in the Bay Area and I would very much like to thank them for sending this fun new toy to me. I’m happy to say that my RodeoH has a spot in backpack next to my lipstick, chewing gum, and other vital essentials. I would also like to thank the photographer, Whole Sex Life, for capturing these images.


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CrashPad With Tina Horn

Not too long ago I was super pleased to shoot for The CrashPad Series with none other than Tina Horn.

Before the shoot, Tina asked me to come in and be her sexy teacher’s assistant and demo bottom for a class on corporal play over at Good Vibes. She smacked me a little but it was just an appetizer and we both knew it. Getting to come in to the Crashpad was something long coming for both of us.

I knew that Tina had a thing for spanking and especially leather pants so I pulled out a pair that had been hiding in my closet waiting for some action. I was more than happy to offer her my rump to play with to her delight and to mine.

Another insider secret is that we’re both students of literature and big time dirty talkers. If you want to hear all kinds of smut roll out of our mouth from the obscene to the outright silly and sassy you can’t miss it. Ali at Made of Words wrote up a fantastic review of this scene so you don’t have to take my word for it.

There’s nothing better than working people you find sexy and admire a lot for their work. Tina Horn has been a big mover and shaker of the queer porn scene and I was so thrilled to work with her and bring our chemistry to the scene.

One of the best moments for all of you fans of squirting is the grand finale. Being as grateful as I was for the fantastic strap-on fucking I got, I was more than happy to give Tina some pleasure of her own. Squirting is a major, major turn-on for me and when she started to pop I couldn’t help myself! I flipped over and rubbed my ass all over the come she was spraying everywhere. There’s nothing sexier than a Horn-y slip and slide!

  The CrashPad set is amazing. It’s a tremendously talented crew who not only make some of the highest quality queer porn out there but also create a very supportive set. It’s the kind of place to feel welcome as a performer and a queer identified individual. I’ve been a fan for such a long time. CrashPad is the kind of gig that makes even the most jaded performer excited about. It’s a chance to express something more than a scene, it’s a chance to make the kind of porn that you aren’t always given the room to create. To say that the crew is supportive does not convey the undying enthusiasm they have for their performers and the hot smut we’re all working hard to make.

Check this scene out!



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May is Masturbation Month

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

**All photos in slideshow by Shilo McCabe of The Sex Positive Photo Project.

“Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone you love.” -Woody Allen

Masturbation has been a fantastic part of my life for years and it becomes more important to me over time. When I first started touching myself I had enthusiasm and gusto but I also lacked the knowledge and skill it would take to really get myself over the edge to come. It touch time and it took practice, but now I am such an expert of my own body that I know just what to do for myself.

The Sex Positive Photo Project is currently running an exposition of masturbation images snapped by the talented Shilo McCabe. There is a new photo and story for every day of the month and you can find me celebrating “Cinco de Mayhem” on Day 5. There are already so many great entries to read and stories to explore. Get out there and have fun getting down with your own bad self.


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