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A Tower Of Babel

Mt, Wilson observatory, iPhone photo from the trail. 14 miles up and down, 4,700 ft elevation gain.

Politics is the art of articulating control and some voices have more profound global impact. Our modern age has given us dogma in legal language codified as legislation that was born of cowardice, forged in privilege, and wielded against the marginalized.

The “Tower Of Babel” is a great Judeo-Christian story of incredible relevance here. This was the story that made me doubt the existence of god but also awoke a kind of panic about authority within me. The Book of Genesis, in general, turned me off from the idea of God because it reminded me too much of Stargate. As a text the Judeo-Christian Bible does pick up quite a bit with all kinds of great philosophy and tremendous insight. But as a child I could not get behind the fascist god of genesis. The story of the “Tower of Babel” presented us with a humanity that came to gather after god’s genocide with the flood. Now, ostensibly, you might think this was the lesson of the flood–to learn how to love one another again, to work beside one another, to share a common language.

I have always interpreted this to mean sharing the language of love. This sounds hippie-dippie but stay with me: think of the time a stranger went out of their way to help you out with something simple. Maybe you were a little lost and in need of directions, maybe it was a quick freebie snack, maybe it was someone who didn’t make you feel like shit when you had to mention a boundary about personal space and genuinely accommodated the situation with humor. That was a time when you shared the language of love with someone and it does let you peek into a view of what those from “Shinar” experienced.

When people are taking the time to be present one another as individuals with a different contexts that require calibration for full communication they tend to get a lot of shit done. This is why you may have been subjected to work retreats even though that’s an industry in and of itself that has forgotten the purpose of the exercise. Another quick glance into the extent of empathy would be those rare and precious moments when you feel uncertain where your body stops and your lover’s begins.

The people worked together to build a tower to God because they shared a language, a purpose, and a plan to accomplish it and they were getting shit done. “A tower to god” is a symbol from my understanding. Perhaps, though, it was a tower. I look to our space programs and global space stations, I see the beginnings of a Tower of Babel. When you get to such heights you stop splitting so many hairs about the differences between individual humans because you’re united as earthlings exploring the cosmos. That’s the dream we seem to come back to across the ages, at least.

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Christian Rock

I really want to do a photoshoot with nothing but a rosary. I want to see the strands on both sides of the clit and resting up against an open wet pussy. I don’t even consider it to be my one-way ticket on the greyhound bus to hell. I’ve read the bible, I took my atheism very seriously and I did study the texts of many religions. There is a cross-cultural phenomena of equating a desire for a higher power with sexual desire. The metaphor already exists and some of it is even mainstream.

The Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) conveniently located in your average American bible sitting in a hotel room in a city near you is a major text in both Judaism and Christianity. Literally, it’s just the story of a man and woman moving from courtship to the consummation of their marriage. It is considered to be an allegory of the relationship between God and Israel. It was also, by the way, a huge impetus for the emergence of the erotic mysticism of the Kabbalah. As you may or may not know I have spent many a late night with a lot of coffee and cigarettes reading the Zohar and Gershom Scholem simultaneously. But we’re not talking about my nuttiness, we’re taking about sacred pornography here.

I remember stumbling into controversy in high school when I choreographed a little number to some Godspell songs and included the ripping off of robes to reveal sequined miniskirts going as far into stripping as I possibly could. I was 14 years old when I produced this work and my dancers were primarily 17. It was the first, but certainly not the last, of my run-ins with the administration of my school. My mission statement hasn’t changed in a decade, I’ve just become more obscene.

We have the wonderful Baby Jesus Butt Plug, but where the hell are the Rosary Anal Beads? For some, the crucifix is holy icon but for me it’s just a device begging to be made into a flanged base. I can also imagine saying the prayer associated with each bead being recited immediately upon insertion but that might be a little tricky for someone who didn’t spend as much time on their knees after confession as I did.

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