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1940s Vintage Peepshow Reel

I love these sexy dames. I especially love watchin’ ‘em get down to their underclothes with a nice scotch and a cigar. How about you?

The video may bug you to prove that you’re 18 even though it is pretty tame.

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Psycho Underwear

The shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is a famous, perhaps one of the most famous scenes in cinema history. We’ve all seen it and any good classic film loving pervert loves this film. It has so much subtext and detail, the mark of any Hitchcock film and a lot of it surrounds sex.

This post isn’t about Mr. Bates’ sexual shame and double personality. It isn’t even about how amazing it was that the film includes the obvious sexual relations between Marion Crane and her boyfriend (whose character was also recently divorced). I’m here to talk about underwear.

When we first meet Marion Crane (Hitchcock loved his birds and his blondes) she is wearing white underwear. Although a bit frustrated with a few things, she is nice and obviously well-liked by people. We can look back today and think about how sexy she looks in that amazing lingerie, but she’s even sexier because she bares it in defiance of the strict film code that had more than a few arguments with Mr. Hitchcock about what could be allowed on screen.

Virginal white underwear

White undies are usually associate with virginity, but Hitchcock isn’t thinking about sexual virginity because there is no evil associated with it. Remember that it is sexual shame that makes Norman go crazy not sex itself.

In case you need more underwear detail...

And so the lovers wrap things up and Ms. Crane heads to work where she meets another kind of temptation and succumbs to it. Trusted with the task of putting $40,000 into the safety deposit box she falters a bit. The sweet Marion is pulled away and we see another side of her come out. In order to really finish off the change, we can see it in her underwear. It is after she becomes a thief that she wears black underwear underneath that modest sweat set.

There are other amazing complex layers to this story. This is just one of them. I also like a story told in girdles and bullet bras. They’re usually the best kind.


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Roger Ebert’s Porn Reviews

I love Roger Ebert. I love the way he is interacting with the web through twitter and his blog. His reviews have always been intelligent, but many people might be surprised that he reviewed porn during its golden age on the big screen.

But not me. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is absolutely one of my favorite movies, ever. As you know I’m already a big fan of the 50s-60s sexploitation genre. I collect all kinds of strange cult cinema and some of my flicks even date back to the 30s. No one can do that type of kooky-strange the same way. Roger Ebert wrote the screenplay for this film that has sex, drugs, queers, rock n’ roll, and awesome one-liners. Russ Meyer directed it! This is the man who gave us Faster, Pussycat! Kill, Kill!

By “porn”, the author meant X rated films before the MPAA had the same system it has today for ratings. These were mostly sexploitation flicks (with a few exceptions) but they did have lots of skin and simulated sex and as they moved closer to our more standard idea of porn, Ebert felt more and more let down by what he saw. Gone were the crazy and imaginative plots and gone was the strong focus on comedic humor that he adored. He was also the same scathingly brilliant writer he is today and boy am I glad I’ve never incited his ire:

Camille 2000” (1969)

Well, Daniele Gaubert is presented in the nude all right, but with about as much erotic effect as an Arid ad. She has a lot of love scenes with Nino Castelnuovo. The way they make love is interesting. Their key technique is to assume the conventional configuration and then . . . not move! Mostly, they’re looking at themselves in the mirrors. There are mirrors all over her bedroom. No matter where they look, they see themselves in the mirror. Danielle and Nino aren’t too bright, I guess. They’re just about to start making love when their eyes wander, and they get interested in that beautiful couple up on the ceiling. I kept wanting to shout: “That’s YOU, dummy!”

[Images totally jacked from GavCrimson]

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Vintage Porn

I like my porn in black and white. I have actually begun a collection of 1920s and 1930s porn because I can’t get enough of it. A silent porn production made grainy from years of neglect in vault brought to light with its title cards and piano music in the background delights me. Vintage porn does not always mean “softcore” by the way. I have watched far more sexually adventurous porn that is from the turn of the 20th century than I see in today’s porn. In one picture, there was girl/girl sex immediately followed by boy/girl sex followed by boy/boy sex followed by boy/boy/girl sex all in the same movie with the same people.

Good luck finding contemporary porn that has both boy/girl and boy/boy sex. We are a niche porn society now and everything is part of a category. I’m not good at sticking to a single topic as you can see by my blog. I don’t just write about my sexual adventures, I don’t just write about art, I don’t just write about education. I write about sexuality and I am drawn to porn that is filled with sensual sexual images that transcend a label.

Vintage Porn

Top hats are really, really sexy

Furthermore, there is a distinct lack of top hats and tail coats in porn today. I’m also jealous of the fact that these porn stars have never felt the delicious sting of razor burn. Don’t get me wrong, I think a shaved pussy is hot. I would like to say that until you have experienced a Defcon 5 situation with bumps you have no idea that shaving is not complication free. I am on the fence about pussy hair, always. On some women, a shaved pussy is the best thing in the world. Other women are blessed with a gorgeous hair line on their snatch. I almost find it to be a crime when a red head shaves her hair. What I miss is the variation. Some women look really ridiculously hot with a groomed pussy but we miss that because the default uniform is bald.

B/B/G girl

I’m also fascinated by the photographic process of porn. In the early days of cameras and film printing, someone had to hold a pose for minutes at a time. I look at some Victorian porn prints and I’m astounded by how spontaneous they look. I imagine the man with a hard cock waiting patiently, I think of the woman bent over. I think of the person pausing mid-spank to catch that moment and I know that everyone brought their A-game to that set. I am part of a generation of immediate gratification. I’m annoyed when the internet signal on my cell phone takes more than 3 minutes to play a movie. The effort and deliberation behind vintage porn turns me on immensely. The fact that this was done with greater social ramifications than we have today is another thing I admire. There were pornographers who were literally put into Nazi concentration camps for doing nothing more than recording adult sexuality. While it sucks that people will immediately doubt my intelligence and capability for the sheer fact that I have had sex on camera, no one in their right mind would send me to die in a gas chamber for it in America. I am blessed and I admire those who did literally lose their lives to violence for my self expression.

More tail coats for me

Porn stars are always outlaws with a legacy. They are immortalized, forever. Some people see this is a bad thing. No matter what you do, where you go, or who you become you will always have these photographs in your wake. This is something I love and why I continue to pose for the camera. Even when my breasts sag, my hair grays, and my face wrinkles I will still be forever present as young and virile smiling and sexual. Even if my bones creak and I need a cane to walk, I will still be able to bend and contort myself into eternity. When I hit menopause and my pussy doesn’t gush with wetness anymore I will still flood. I am immortalizing my youth. I will never become asexual. These are ordinary people who did nothing more or less than happened in the bedrooms of the world over time but they will live forever in my imagination. I get to look about them and give them a story. With vintage porn, masturbation is a seance invoking the spirits of a sexual past.

The word “porn star” is so perfect because the fire and light of a galactic entity emits its power for eons. They will always flicker and burn throughout the course of mankind. They will never grow old, they will never die. Kings and Queens and Pharoahs have temples and tombs dedicated to them, why not me? Why not you? We are all immortal so long as someone on Earth remains to speak our name or gaze upon our visage.

I can't do this with my legs.


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A flapper in her boudoir

Photos by Mister AJC and son!


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A print of me is for sale!

One of my FAVORITE photographers and artists Naked Comix has a show up at the SF Citadel for pervs who appreciate creative art to help fuel and inspire their own erotic creativity. A lot of models ask me how you “become a fetish model” and the answer is you start to develop a portfolio with trade content. The fact is you’re more likely to win the lottery than you are to make a living solely on softcore pictures. The photographers of softcore pictures are usually living on a super tight budget themselves because sadly all of their amazing photos are not acceptable forms of rent payment. Diving into the world of trade photographers is a really mixed bag. There are so many varieties of creeps to avoid: the touchy-feely guy, the guy who never gives you your content, the guy with the unrealistic expectations of what a model is expected to do on a set.

Those creeps are out there. Thing of it is, someone of them take some really good pictures. It takes a long time to actually establish what kind of content *you* want to make as a model (models are artists, too) and what *you* are actually comfortable with doing and that varies from person to person. Some people feel less bothered by someone invading their space than others and will react differently to that environment. Some models love to work with edgy photographers because sometimes a good photograph does come from doing something patently crazy or dangerous.

Naked Comix is hands down one of my favorite photographers to work with and one that I direct any shy and aspiring model towards because:

  • You are not going to be touched inappropriately
  • The vibe is upbeat and laid back. The Comix guy wants pictures of his models actually having fun.
  • The shooting style is super creative and highly collaborative. Comix guy will listen to and appreciate your crazy ideas.
  • You will get your images in a timely manner. Naked Comix has one of the best trade shoot payouts I’ve come across, really.
  • Naked Comix is doing really interesting things with these images.

At any rate, here I am in an art show! This print is available for sale. Either get in touch with Naked Comix yourself or drop me a line and I’ll connect you.

original photo

All photos and  art by James Courtney



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Pinup queen!

While my new shoot up at Kink wasn’t well received (no hard feelings here, I can’t compete with the famous Honey Comb Honeys or girls taking on huge enemas or sharing giant ass dildos) I had fun dressing in my retro best.

The set was amazing, the cars got me hot, and the wardrobe girls were the best. So even if I didn’t fit a 10 inch dong in my butt, I loved the shoot. If you’re looking for a pinup girl, drop me a line!


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