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I can turn the information and knowledge I have/have access to into action. I can make the choice to eat fresh whole foods and drink fresh and clean water. I am grateful.

I can hold my lover and my life partner in public and we can safely assume we won’t be hurt or scorned on the basis of our love alone. I am grateful.

I can read books, visit museums, and listen to live music close to whenever I want. It is often free or very cheap. I am grateful.

I fall asleep next to my favorite person in the whole world with a galump of a dog at our feet. I wake up the same way. I am so grateful.

I can easily escape into natural wilderness. I am grateful.

I am often gifted presents to explore and enhance my sexuality, material and immaterial alike. I am grateful.

I feel safe from the threat of falling bombs and ongoing violence and turmoil of war and acute disaster. I am very grateful.

People across the country and the world are interested in my words, ideas, and art. I am grateful.

There are people in my life who lend their love and support to me as I continue to grow personally and professionally. I am grateful.

I have untold worlds and experiences to great in my life. I am grateful.

I am able to put time and effort into my health and fitness. I am grateful.

After 4 years of wearing a cheap pair of plastic Costco glasses with so many scratches I got vertigo, I got fancy vintage glasses. I am grateful.

Although I live somewhere with troubled leadership, racist police, poverty, and violence I am surrounded by incredible culture, immense diversity, and new methods of living that I cherish. I am grateful.

People that I cared about passed away this year but their love, lessons, and memory are with me. I am grateful.

Other people pushed boundaries and prejudices before I arrived on the scene that have contributed to the ways in which I am safer to be who I am. Their work came at the expense of blood, sweat, tears, and often life. I am grateful.

I enjoy products and material goods that come from the resources and labor of others. There are people who remind me to stop and think about the actual work that went into things that make my life easier than it would be otherwise and they make me feel uncomfortable to think about ugly truths. I am grateful.

I don’t really know why we get around and tell a fictional narrative about the relationship between Indigenous people and European immigrants and slaughter turkeys en masse. After rough patches with my family due to my lifestyle, I can sit at a table and share a meal and work towards practicing love. I am grateful.

There was a long drive between where I live and where I went for the holiday and I drove the distance in a car. For the convenience, the independence, and the knowledge to be critical of my use of this destructive tool, I am grateful.

For every emotion I’ve ever had, even the most painful ones I can remember, I am resolutely grateful for everything they have taught me and for the grounding reminders that I am a human being in the company of other human beings.

Thanksgiving is hella problematic, there’s no way to deny. Some say that counting your blessings keeps you passive. I disagree. It is in counting our blessings that we count our greatest tool and take inventory of our growth and our support. In honor of a day in which we (theoretically) take stock of some of our privileges and resources, these were some of mine. I guess the pledge


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